Music of the Week #268



Currently in the middle of overworking myself so I can relax for the weekend. Not much else to say other than balancing out work and practicing fighting games but I will mention I’m working on something for the site on the side. That’s right, something that isn’t a music post or a Jojo post in months, huzzah. Look forward to that since “that” is also something I plan on working on right now so I’ll see you again soon.

This week’s theme is the first Vs. theme featured in the series and its between Gordeau and Chaos, two close friends by story regards. Since I already talked about both, I decided to talk about the other Guest Character that I wasn’t able to feature, Akatsuki. Akatsuki, like Eltnum, comes from a completely different game-series, in his case, another doujin fighter by the name of Akatsuki Blitzkampf. I can’t even begin to tell you it’s entire story but Akatsuki is a cyborg soldier who served in the Imperial army but was lost during a turning point in the war. Akatsuki, believed to be dead, returns 50 years after the war to continue his work and dealing with some related stuff since the war is obviously over. One fun note, this is the game where you can play as a fucking Tank that takes nearly all of the screen, it’s fucking nuts. Anyway, Akatsuki in UNiB sort of goes through the same story-wise. He arrives in Japan during the Hollow Night and finds himself fighting through a bunch of people and then deciding to leave, that’s quite literally it. His moveset is heavily derived, like Eltnum, from his origin game and his “EXS” is his mechanical abilities called the Blitz Motor that infuses his punches and kicks with electricity. For a good chunk of his gaming scene life, Akatsuki sat at the ass-end of the tier lists because of his power mobility and unorthodox combo routes. He had issues moving around, which is critical in UNiB given the range of some character’s moves but even so, his damage was pretty decent if he could actually ever get his hands on you. Come UNi[st] and Akatsuki’s movement still remains poor but his extra options in opening people up like the lightning infused can-opener he is now rocketed him up to top tier.

But that’s practically unrelated to this week’s theme so, oh well.

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