Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 33- Cheap Paper Tricks

As suspected, it seems that we’ll be continuing through the Cheap Trick arc for one more episode. Coupled with that, it seems that we’ll be moving straight along Hayato’s little mini-arc, that directly leads us to the final arc, in the back. This episode once again showcased extremely noticeable dips in quality such as Rohan flailing around to get Cheap Trick off of him and Terunosuke’s attempts to ward off Josuke after Yuuya frees the latter. Here’s hoping for the final arcs to look decent, especially my favorite panel spread in the entire part.

I’ll be sure to keep my hopes mediated though.

Josuke opens up the folder paper and unexpectedly finds a pistol muzzle staring back at him and he is shot back. Yuuya cries out but Josuke managed to catch the bullet with Crazy Diamond. Terunosuke reveals himself again as he knew that a simple gunshot wouldn’t have been able to deal with Josuke. Terunosuke shows himself and analyzes Josuke’s “tell” of fear when he bites his lower lip and tries to incur with no avail. He decides to kick it up a knotch and explains a portions of his abilities at how he can store things in paper but anything stored within can be destroyed if the paper containing them are destroyed. He throws a folder paper with Koichi written on it on the street about to be crushed by some cars and Josuke gives in to his fears since he is unable to make a decision to either save the paper or confront Terunosuke and he makes the mistake of giving in to his fear as well as going after the paper which was a dud. With Josuke’s fear acknowledged, Enigma appears and traps Josuke inside a piece of paper but a pipe Josuke broke earlier partially brings him back and he yells for Terunosuke to get rid of the piece of paper now since he vows to come back out and when he does, he won’t spare any mercy toward him.


With his work here done, Terunosuke opens up a paper to unveil a taxi-cab and heads toward the hotel to confront Jotaro and addresses Yuuya for not interfering since he was not mentioned by Yoshihiro to deal with. Yuuya, who was reluctant to fight at all, becomes emboldened after seeing Josuke’s loyalty to his friends and Yuuya empathizes that if anything happened to his girls, he would feel the same and he activates Highway Star to chase down the taxi and confront Terunosuke. Yuuya catches up but finds the cab empty and senses a trap, and surely enough, he suffers through fire, electric currents, and scorpions until he finds a paper shredding machine come out of a folded paper and he finds Josuke and Koichi’s papers entering the opening. Yuuya shows his own fearful “tell” and Terunosuke reappears to use Enigma to trap him in paper and does so, however, Yuuya is able to make use of his 2D flatness to reach Josuke and Koichi to pull them out. While he himself turns to paper, Josuke and Koichi are able to be released and the duo work in tandem to subdue Terunosuke from ripping apart Yuuya’s paper and Josuke beats down on Terunosuke and literally turns him into a book.


On the other side of town, Rohan finally catches a glimps of Kinoto’s back and he panics and soon enough, his back opens and reveals the stand, Cheap Trick who latches onto others and acts annoying to its host, Kinoto is killed in the process. Specifically, Cheap Trick keeps telling Rohan to burn the investigation photos regarding Kira and Rohan is unable to find peace and quiet to think over the matter but the only way to remove the stand would be to move it to someone else at the cost of his life. Kira’s investigation still needs more evidence and Rohan has no other choice to leave his house and try and find a way to remove his troublesome affliction.

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