Music of the Week #267




It’s strange that I’m once again talking about Blazblue when the main coverage of the weekly music posts are Under Night. Both the new content in Blazblue and with its far more active playerbase definitely help in its favor but make no mistake that there’s some undeniable charm in Under Night and the lack of a unifying plot has thankfully avoided a lot of anime-fighting-game cliches from taking root in the series. Sure it still has a few but not as much as I imagined it would, and that’s a great thing. But there’s precisely not much else going on specifically to mention in this little post. But hey, just explaining my slight logic seemed to have taken enough space.

Anyways, I seemed to have gotten way too negligent so let’s just cover our theme of the week. This week’s spotlight is the theme of Kei Asumi, or just, Chaos. Chaos is the logistics and strategist for the organization of Amnesia led by Hilda as well as a personal friend to the resident macho-man, Gordeau. When Gordeau left to independently hunt the Crimson Knight, Chaos remained by he was also shook by the death of a friend and conspired with Gordeau while still keeping up with his duties in Amnesia. Gordeau usually lazes around at Chaos’ rather spacious house when he’s not working and the two are pretty close friends since both their routes involve the other in some way. Gordeau is sent off by Chaos in the former’s arcade mode and seen at the ending while in Chaos’ arcade mode, he decides to stop Hilda from overdosing on EXS after Gordeau apparently is beaten by her. His arcade mode ends with him subduing Hilda and plotting on how to hunt down the Crimson Knight. By Gordeau’s accounts, Chaos wasn’t always the nerdy looking bookworm he is now but used to be a violent thug which originated his nickname Bloody Chaos when they were younger. Gordeau admittedly states that he had rarely won against him in a fight.

Now if UNi[st] didn’t exist, this would have been funny but around the time UNIEL was the up-to-date version of the game, Chaos was ranked with Akatsuki in the bottom tiers of play. Both had obvious flaws in their mobility and general neutral game but as of now, Akatsuki stands proudly in the Top Tier seat while Chaos now has a respectable seat on the Mid-Upper tiers and seeing way more play. Chaos is the game’s puppet character around the lines of Zato and Carl/Relius from Guilty Gear and Blazblue respectively. The game’s system however makes him way easier than any of those characters but given the style of UNiB, he’s not the easiest character to get used to. Chaos’ “puppet” is a mix of the inner representation of Chaos’ inner violent nature and also a demon manifested from the book he uses in combat, the Chaos Codex and this is reflected in his EXS abilities of Illusion named Umbral. Chaos’s normals focus heavily on juggling and launching people into the air while his friend, Azhi Dehaka, has 4 moves to cover his master with. There’s the Claw Swipes that either goes horizontally forward or at a rising angle. The Fire Breath that can be charged and used to zone. The Tail Swipe that acts as a wall bounce as well as a reversal tool if spaced correctly. And finally the teleport where Azhi is either de-summoned to strike immediately in front of the duo or track the enemies position. It goes without saying that if Azhi is destroyed by an enemy attack and rendered unusable for a few seconds, Chaos is at a complete disadvantage but he does have two skills on his own that helps him survive. Chaos can send out his book to act as a projectile and it conjures a shield around itself to eat up and throw back an opponent’s own projectile and this also catches anyone trying to jump at you. Second, his Force Function, which is honestly underwhelming but nonetheless useful is a cross-up hope. Special shot out to his VA, Matsuoka who I never really found a voice work I liked by Chaos’ orders to Azhi is pretty fun to hear.

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