Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 32- Build Up for the End

Hoo boy, the production values really suffered in the episode’s first half. Thankfully, the second half isn’t all that bad and the quality dip only covered the end of Superfly so it could have been way worse. With Superfly over with, I’ll give two more episode to wrap up Engima and Cheap Trick, unless they can really get through Cheap Trick that fast. Either way, things are shaping up for the finale. I sincerely pray they have enough resources to make it look great.

Continuing from where we last left off, Mikitaka gets screwed onto the tower but states that he will remain inside as he acted out of place, like Okuyasu said before, and this is his punishment in thinking he could be of some assistance. Toyohiro prepares to leave but Josuke is unable to leave Mikitaka a martyr for their mistakes and he reattaches the wire Toyohiro cut and ascends the tower to face him once again. Being resourceful, Toyohiro avoids getting close to Josuke and deduces Crazy Diamond’s range to about 2 meters and safely stays away. During his, he carves some more damage onto the tower which reflects back at Josuke and he is only able to deflect a few of them before he’s left dangling on the edge. Josuke is however unfazed by his situation and casually asks Okuyasu if he happened to notice how many shots he deflected and the latter counts around 4. Josuke regains his composure and surely enough, 4 shots are reflected back toward Toyohiro. Josuke takes the time to explain that since those shots of energy were once part of the tower, they were deflected back and they hurt Toyohiro enough for him to give in and ask for mercy.


Toyohiro turns out to be a lot stranger than we thought but he becomes more docile and promises to stay in the tower. He also reveals that he heard someone named Koichi might have been gotten captured after what he overheard from Kira’s father and our main duo head out and try to find him. While Okuyasu searches the town in vain, Josuke returns to the hospital to enlist the help of Yuuya, the user of Highway Star. Josuke offers to completely restore him in exchange for his help in tracking down Koichi with his great sense of smell and Yuuya tells him off. But Yuuya wasn’t being truthful and says he just wanted to haggle a bit more and agrees to help. After a little reunion with his gang of girls, the new duo set off to find Koichi and Josuke leads him to where they found Koichi’s bag. The search turns out a lot shorter than anticipated with Yuuya finding the source of the scent right behind them. The suspect shows himself and Yuuya asks if he was meant to partake in the fight and adamantly states that he only joined to find Koichi. Our villain immediately turns around and Josuke gives chase. When he lands a hand on the other’s shoulder, Josuke finds his mother instead and gets angered at how his mother was brought into this. In the side of an alleyway, we see our new villain, Terunosuke, watch Josuke from afar as he explains his stand’s ability to us. Engima, as it is called, can completely overpower anyone who shows a sign of fear, mainly, by a tell in their body language. A flashback shows exactly how Terunosuke dealt with Josuke’s mother in their home. Josuke finds a piece of paper inside her pocket and Yuuya states that a familiar is scent is away from Josuke’s mother and he slowly opens the piece of paper.


While ALL of this goes on, we see Rohan interact with our weird as hell realtor Kinoto and the latter enters Rohan’s house but not before he gets Heaven’s Door-ed. Rohan finds nothing of suspicion other than the man’s fear of letting anyone see his back. Rohan jots down an order inhibiting Kinoto in attacking him and the two make his way up the stairs while Kinoto crabwalks. Rohan gets seriously interested in seeing Kinoto’s back and offers him some tea and places it on the table in the middle of the room.

2 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 32- Build Up for the End”

  1. It’s funny how many weird-ass, out of left field Stands start showing up down the stretch in Part 4. Having recently started reading Part 5, it’s very apparent to me that Araki took this idea and ran with it.

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