Music of the Week #266


Fully preoccupied


The newest Blazblue came out and I’m in a frantic mess in trying to absorb all the new information and muscle memory I’ll be needing to drill into my mind and hands in the upcoming weeks. I had 2 characters I played actively while I had 2 substitutes if I got bored. Now I have to relearn at least 3 out of those 4 characters while diving into deciding if I want to learn 5 out of the 7 new characters. It’s quite the dilemma here since it’s practically a first time experience at this point with how many things got changed for the characters I use. I’ll be spending a lot of time practicing.

However, I can speak more of that next time. We’re still a while to go before we stop our Under Night music train. This week’s theme is one of my absolute favorites from the series and it’s actually a remix. Sion is a Guest Character along with Akatsuki from French Bread’s previous work, Melty Blood. Although they’re not a part of TypeMoon, Melty Blood gained enough of a fan-following for it to be published by them as an officially released game when it was previously a doujin fighter. Melty Blood’s legacy and Sion’s lofty position in the upper-half of the tier list is actually the basis of her story mode. The game and Sion herself makes no attempt to hide the fact that she’s a guest character and she goes around her Arcade Mode belittling others over her superiority and seniority.

Sion or in this, Eltnum plays as an aggressive character whose variety of specials and command normals help her break her way into your defenses and constantly be up close. The wire-based Etherlite provides her with a respectable range for her initiation and always keeps her pressure close to you. The shortest possible combo-enders are where she uses her wires to grab and force a knockdown, preparing you for the inevitable scramble to block her mixups. Her lengthier combos however facilitate the use of a few core moves she has which always end up playing out in a similar fashion. First, is her gun. As if her range wasn’t great enough, Eltnum’s gun provides essential combo filler when she knocks you down and she will do this a multitude of times in the middle of the combo. Second is her launcher who provides her with the game’s only superjump ability where she is able to style on you in the air, a feat only shared by one other character. Eltnum can also not decide to aircombo or even airgrab you, apparently a move reserved for her and Akatsuki, she can land faster and continue her staple combo chain of Etherlite strikes and her other launching kick to immediately smack you down with her overhead and proceed to fill you full of holes. She was the first character I picked up until the intricacy of her combos, mostly involving a lot of whiffs and strict timing, decided for me to learn someone more basic. Plus it felt sort of off in my head that I was thinking of maining a character whose not technically part of the series. I’m just that sort of person, like how I play Pokemon and only use pokemon from that generation in my team. Alluding to her usual comedy routine back in her universe, her EXS is that of Precision, Analyze. Guess Calculations would be too blatant.

But by god does her theme absolutely rock. It’s a remix of Melty Blood Actress Again’s opening theme and it’s one hell of a sexy tune.

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