Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 31- Twenty Four

Something unexpected that I praise DavidPro for trying to pull off. Last time, I mentioned how we only had a few fights and episodes left and I didn’t expect them to combine not two but THREE fights involving Supefly, Enigma, and Cheap Trick taking place all at the same time. I’m pretty surprised and I completely approve since I’d rather we hurry with these things and get to the finale, even if the implications of it looking lackluster is pretty high. Hope for the best, expect the worst I guess

As the title implies, we have a 24-esque episode with constant shifts in time and switching from scene to scene. The most focus follows Josuke, Okuyasu, and Mikitaka’s discovery of a Stand user living atop an abandoned electric transmission tower. As the former two walk to school, they discover a pair of binoculars who reveals itself to be Mikitaka who was observing smoke coming from a transmission tower and the trio find someone living his entire life there. With traps to hunt wildlife, a waste-recycling pipe system that fertilizes crops, a nearby source of water for fishing, and all the amenities of a modern house. The trio spy observe the activities of the man living inside the tower and become intrigued in his way of life. Josuke however decides that it would be best for them to report back to Jotaro but the man inside the tower constantly tells them to stay away from the tower and this of course causes the exact opposite and Josuke immediately becomes wary and approaches the tower. Josuke’s suspicion is partly rewarded with the sight of Kira’s father being near the tower and Josuke enters beneath the tower’s support as Kira’s father flies away and praises Toyohiro’s trap.


Kanedaichi Toyohiro is revealed to be the man of the tower and he gleefully announces his departure as he was stuck with his indepedent stand, Superfly’s, powers for 3 years and he could only leave if someone else entered the tower. Now free, he attempts to escape while Josuke indeed finds that he is unable to leave, lest his entire body becomes turned into metal. Okuyasu approaches the tower and the two decide to break it apart and as they pummel the tower, Toyohiro’s escape is interrupted but he states that the tower can fight back and sure enough, the force of the many punches The Hand and Crazy Diamond throw out are repulsed back towards them. Josuke is almost thrown out of the Stand’s area and narrowly saves himself but Okuyasu was unable to dodge all of his attacks and is left with a hole in his side. Stuck with the predicament, it is Mikitaka who brings Toyohiro back inside the tower with his transformation ability and allows Josuke to escape and heal Okuyasu. However, Toyohiro’s complete mastery in the tower’s logistics and powers, as well as his determination to escape pins Mikitaka down with some serious wounds and Josuke is forced to enter the tower again.


On the other side of Morioh, a mysterious man kidnaps Koichi and Tomoko while Rohan is visited by a quirky looking man after calling in a realtor for renovations.

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