Music of the Week #265




Not much really going on other than regular stuff. I did previously mention watching some new stuff aside from Jojo this season as well as planning some posts explaining what other series other than in the form of anime I’m entertaining myself with. However, most my free time is spent rewatching some older series, older western cartoons, and practicing fighting games since the newest Blazblue comes out in a week. I could do some Blazblue music spotlights but to be perfectly honest, I barely even like the cast in the plot-standpoint but Blazblue boasts some serious playstyle diversity in said cast. The cast itself is pretty fucking enormous and if anything, I sort of appreciate the smaller collection of fighters that fighters like Under Night have but no doubt, that will change over time as well.

And isn’t that just an easy segue into our theme of the week. Hilda is the final-boss character for a grand majority of the cast (while others either fight Hyde or their respective rivals like Orie fighting Merkava) and she is better known through her alias, Paradox. She leads the group Amnesia along with two other playable members while a few named but only mentioned characters exist in the organization. Hilda is dead-set on utilizing the mass of EXS around the Altar of Light and Darkness to ascend into a being known as Re-births who stand above the In-births and be grouped among the strongest EXS users who we only know are Kuon and the leader of Licht Kreis. Of course, this stands in the way of a lot of people and she holds particular interest in Hyde’s Insulator. It’s sort of tough to have a proper “story mode” when a character is a primary antagonist and is usually holed up in their lair. I’m not sure how all of you judge age by looks but her Character Select art seems definitely older while her in-game Story Mode art seems way younger and it turns out that Hilda is around 2 years older than Yuzu.

Hilda is the character that I thought Vatista would be which makes her the cast’s Zoner and Murakumo-styled character. Most of Hilda’s normals and specials are “projectiles” in a sense that her main form of combat is summoning spears of light-dark material, which coincides with her EXS of Light and Dark, the origin of her nickname as Paradox. These spears are separate from her own hurtbox so fighting back against her is a bitch unless you have someone with decent range. Hilda’s moves while immensely useful and boasting in range, suffers from very limited combo options but she can always set up for wake-up pressure with her Condense Gloom which sets up an orb that sends out numerous small projectiles at a given area to cover herself with. With mobility being limited compared to other anime-styled fighting games, Hilda is a tough nut to crack both because of her immense range and relative safety in pressuring and whittling you down, a bit more so than Vatista I feel.

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