Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 30- Kira’s Day

Yeah, the visuals are definitely taking a dip in quality now. I had my expectations for this episode that which, by content, was met very well. However, as you could have figured out, it was the quality of the visuals that really suffered in one of my more favored “arcs” of the series. No matter, I at least hope the blurays don’t bring me down because that’s the standard these days to expect better BD versions. I will say though that this episode had some newer Tracks for Kira which were great to hear. Also, that effect where Killer Queen appears with Kira’s eyes glowing, it’s so damn distinctive from how other Stands appear.

But we really are closing in on the end of Part 4, with only three more “fights” left before we enter the final stretch.

Kira toils endlessly to flawlessly live out his new life as Kosaku and sees that Kosaku’s shoes are of a bigger foot size than his. As Hayato leaves the house, Shinobu runs into Kira’s arms and explains that a cat was downstairs and she was scared to confront it. She notes that it had a strange hole in its neck and Kira surmises that it might have been the effects of the arrow and he goes downstairs to investigate. Sure enough, Shinobu’s previous interaction with trying to chase the cat out had it get pierced with a few glass shards and killed it. Shinobu is aghast at how she caused this but Kira tries to reassure her that it wasn’t her fault. Kira takes the cat’s body and buries it outside and the days go by with immense rainfall.


Soon enough, the rain clears after a few days and a plant grows from the ground the cat was buried in and lo and behold, the cat has now become a plant. The cat is distressed with its new, stationary body but sees Shinobu coming outside into the backyard and it remembers its grudge against her and he suddenly launches an attack. Shinobu’s big toe’s nail comes flying off and Shinobu runs back into the house while Kira sees this and finds the plant feasting on a bird that it was able to shoot from the sky. Kira decides to investigate to determine the one and true objective: Is it an ally or an enemy. Kira whispers to it to gain the plant’s attention and he rubs its “chin” and Kira clearly sees that the plant’s behavior as similar to a cat. To make sure, he makes it angry and comes to a conclusion that it is really a cat inside the plant and he determines that it is a non-issue. However, Shinobu comes back outside and the cat immediately readies to try and kill her. The cat-plant shoots a force of air that sends Shinobu flying and knocks her unconscious and Kira decides that he won’t risk any strange occurrences to happen to attract the inquisitive Jotaro and Josuke and summons Killer Queen to erase the cat-plant. However, the rock that was armed with a bomb fails to go off. Kira quickly goes to check on Shinobu and deduces that the cat is using some form of air-manipulation to deprive the bomb from the energy to go off. The cat protects itself from getting trampled with by forming a cushion of air around it and it retaliates with another bubble of air. However, the bubble is aimed towards the nearby cactus and the thorns are sent flying towards Kira and Shinobu. Kira checks on her and is relieved to see her unharmed but ponders on why he felt so elated on seeing her safe. Kira prepares for the next attack but sees the cat just milling about and he finds a bubble of air piercing inside his wrist and the air traveling inside his bloodstream back to his heart. Kira recognizes the lethal implications of air inside his circulatory system and tries to block its path, but is left no choice to but to detonate a small part of his arm to release the air bubble. The cat rears its head for another attack and Kira throws a golfball at it and surprisingly enough, it distracts it and Kira takes this as a win.


Kira spends the rest of the morning eating breakfast, while moving the cat (now referred to as Stray Cat) up into the attic with minimal sunlight, while noticing that Hayato was staring at him from the door. Shinobu is too occupied over how romantic the morning events went and notices that Kira was eating her plate of food with mushrooms and apparently, Kosaku didn’t like mushrooms in his food which was why she prepared him his own dish. Thankfully, Shinobu overlooks this and she later sees him off for work and tries to give him a kiss before he just leaves her hanging. Hayato, who was thought to have left the house already, is shown to have stayed and he goes to his room and sees footage of his dad bringing some catfood inside the closest and he investigates. He finds Stray Cat in the attic and accidentally wakes it up by opening the windows, giving it sunlight. Stray Cat binds Hayato but the kid proves resourceful enough to close the windows and he of course, Kira’s intuition led him back inside the house to check on the attic and Hayato quickly takes the bag of catfood, disperses its contents on the floor, and hides inside a box. Kira arrives in the attic and sees that Stray Cat must have awakened to get some food and he is relieved to see that Hayato wasn’t there, otherwise he would have had to kill him. Hayato overhears this from inside his hiding spot and now knows that his father isn’t really who he thinks he is.

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