Music of the Week #264

Easy week but somehow late. Go me.


Busy week “was” over but it also bled into this week and I can safely say I can pretty much relax all week. Been feeling a lot more tired than usual but I guess that’s just the residue from the sickness I had the past weekend. As a result, I just ended up spending most of time mentally exhausted and just consumed some videos and movies.

One important thing I forgot to mention last week on the Seth spotlight: His voice. Yuki Kaiji doesn’t the hold the most favorable light from me, even if has voiced Johnny and Koichi but he hasn’t really landed “that on role” for me to really like him. All that changed when I heard Seth’s voice and Yuki Kaiji actually used a seriously deep and distinctive tone that still gave him away as Yuki Kaiji but GODDAMN. Yuki Kaiji practically landed himself some serious respect and admiration for his work with Seth because he sounds downright menacing, a complete far cry from his usually typecasted voice roles.

Moving right along to our coverage of Under Night themes, we have Yuzuriha at the bat. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call her Yuzu. Yuzu shares a similar ancestry with Seth in that her own family descends from the Yato and like Seth’s own family, Yuzu’s ancestors abandoned their duties and decided to live separately and settled on a shrine. Yuzu, while broken away from the Yato’s traditions, upholds her own duties in the Hollow Night and goes around dispensing “justice” to evildoers. This has gained her some notoriety among the In-births, most notably Gordeau, who acknowledges her skills enough to not try and bother fighting her. Yuzu’s story mostly takes place because she found nothing interesting on T.V and decided to dispense her regular justice in the Hollow Night. Not too many others really have any story implications with her other than our main man Hyde, who apparently has known Yuzu for quite some time and shares some “incriminating” history in which he tries to apologize to her for.

Yuzu was entrusted with an heirloom blade that she affectionately calls Ayame-chan and like the other Yato-ancestry, has immense mobility. Yuzu is the resident katana-user who boasts one of THE largest ranged specials in the game. They’re not the fanciest specials ever but the her Iai technique is actually one of the more aggravating defense to pierce since it covers so much of the screen and sends you flying to the wall if you make a mistake. Coupling with her immense range, Yuzu’s main “draw” is her Stance gameplay which allows the player to Hold down a button after drawing and sheathing her blade to move across the screen with her teleport/shunpo, jump, feint a dash, or pull off one of the only dodge functions in the game. This makes playing Yuzu effectively requires you to master moving around during and after he combos to either set up for some serious cross-up and mix-up options on wake-up or pull some flashy combos. As for her normals, Yuzu can also utilize her long jacket to add to her moves as well as act as a counter. Also, she pulls an elbow as her jump light, she even yells it out too. Her EXS is described as Falling Flowers, Ainsel Lost, which apparently attributes to her extremely fast speed, and her nickname in the Hollow Night fittingly calls her The Blade of Godspeed. I’m confident when I say that Vatista, Seth, and Yuzuriha are one of the hardest characters to play and I’m just fine playing Seth out of those 3, even if I’m naturally inclined to play katana-users and Yuzu herself is basically Vergil’s daughter.

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