Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 29- Highway Chase

We conclude the Highway Star fight as well as getting the opening scenes of Stray Cat.

I will have to say, that I wasn’t completely impressed with the episode for a few reasons, they’re mostly nitpicks. I mentioned before that a lack of the subtle panels and scenes in the previous episodes were being more apparent. Overall, the episode was great, no doubts about that but one of my single-favorite panels in the series didn’t really get all that great of an transition on screen. I realize that it’s quite the big scene to adapt but I feel like the people at DPro have been able to replicate other, more famous panels quite well so it would be an understatement that I felt a disappointed. Hell, the panel I’m talking about is in the first opening during the flurry of panels. Other than that however, it was still enjoyable.

Josuke accelerates the motorcycle to exceed 60km/h and quickly tries to find a way to help get. He decides to contact Koichi and attempts to call him but Highway Star manifests itself near him instead of continuing the chase with its inferior chasing speed. Before that however, Josuke crosses a red-light and sees a mother and a baby carraige in front of him. Unable to slow down, Josuke drives through and calls Crazy Diamond to dismantle the bike, sending Josuke flying upwards, missing the family. Crazy Diamond then reconstructs the bike after Josuke nears the ground and continues the escape. Josuke grabs two cellphones and gives Koichi a call, where Koichi deduces the person who might be the Stand user as a motorcycle gang member who was injured in the tunnel Rohan was attacked at. Josuke is directed to the hospital while Koichi moves ahead of him to try and get more information.


Josuke’s erratic driving gets himself into Morioh’s harbor and Josuke navigates a number of threatening turns until he is forced to come to a screeching halt when he is unable to continue riding forward at 60 km/h. Crazy Diamond punches the ground to form a makeshift barrier and Josuke continues riding backwards using a waterway beneath him. Highway Star continues chasing after him but Josuke’s bike begins to decelerate. However, it is only a matter of fuel and Josuke throws himself off the bike to land inside a car. Highway Star chases him down inside the car but Josuke quickly exits and fixes the car, trapping Highway Star inside. Josuke then replaces the bike’s fuel and ponders which way the hospital is. At the actual hospital, Koichi tries to get the name of the gangster and his room number but the belligerent nurse tells him off and Koichi calls out Act 3 to affect the bottles above a cabinet to force the nurse to reveal some information. Josuke rides through the glass window and Koichi notes of the patient’s name as Fungami Yuya in Room 525. Josuke gets inside the elevator and forces the door shut but Highway Star attempts to squeeze itself it in before Act 3 freezes it down. Josuke reaches the 5th floor but Highway Star is waiting for him by way of the vents. Josuke is weakened by reaches Yuya’s room and finds him with his posse of girls.


Highway Star’s ability to drain nutrients apparently came from Yuya’s need to heal his injuries and Josuke is unable to continue further with Highway Star directly on him. Yuya’s posse always gets up on his case for barging into Yuya’s room but as Yuya smooth talks his girls and shows off his ability in having an impressive sense of smell, he smells anger and Josuke is shown standing. Yuya is in disbelief but Josuke reveals that he used the IV to help himself up and while Yuya calls out Highway Star again, Josuke punches Yuya in the leg and puts him in his place, saying that Crazy Diamond’s speed can easily trump Highway Star’s 60km/h. Yuya appeals to his injuries and Josuke’s pride at how he won’t feel good about himself if he beat on someone so injured and Josuke relents, and reveals that he had already healed Yuya of his injuries. True to his word, Yuya regains control of his limbs but realizes what comes next and is sent flying out the window.

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