Music of the Week #263


Busy week is over


So I’m a day late since slight sickness and loads of work was piled on for me in the first half of the week. Basically got the rest of the week doing nothing so there we go, busy week is finally done. Been keeping up with the release of Blazblue’s final installment and been aching to get back into it but I feel that it would be counterinuitive to get back into Chronophantasma Extend since they changed a lot of things around with balancing and all. Seems to me that I’ve got new combo routes to drill into and at least 2 new characters to learn, it’ll be fun. I missed out on the chance to get the demo since I still don’t have a PS4 and have to wait til November to get my hands on it.

But I’ve got other stuff to occupy my time with, so let’s get into today’s coverage of Under Night’s themes. Seth is by far, the most distinctive member of Under Night’s already respectable roster. When I say that he plays like a speedy ninja like character that focuses on quick strikes and disorientation, no other fighting game character fits the bill quite as nicely as Seth does, he’s that awesome. Seth’s background is quite simple, his family was part of Night Blade who eventually took part in the clan’s schism. Seth’s ancestors seceded from their duties from Night Blade and Seth placed the burden on his own shoulders to utilize his inherited blades, the Eliminators, to end the curse of both Linne and her brother Kuon. In the meantime, Seth’s duty in day is that of a student who attends the same school as the other characters but at night, he is employed as a rather well-known assassin. On the Night Hollow night, Seth takes a break from his regular work and sets off to hunt down the one who wields the Insulator, as it holds the true power to kill immortals while his own Eliminators are similar in strength but apparently not suited for the task of killing immortal beings. This brings him the closest to being called a “rival” to Hyde but in his story mode, Seth defeats him, takes the blade, goes off to bind Linne to a tree, and end Paradox’s activities in the Altar to bring an end to the Hollow Night. In comparison, Hyde doesn’t even meet Seth in his story mode so I hope for something bigger in the future. Seth’s ending does however have its own issues because even after going so far to take Hyde’s own sword from him and tying Linne to a tree, he doesn’t even try to kill her and instead states that she should fully live her life as she is right now before accepting death.

Now Seth’s playstyle is probably the coolest factor about him but this also makes him quite the difficult character to play. Up along with Vatista and one other character we’ll get to, I can safely say he’s one of the toughest to master. First and foremost, Seth’s normals are one of the quickest ones in the game he has situational options with his command normals but they’re very rarely used other than the follow-up to his heavy. The first of Seth’s quirks is his immense mobility and every character that is affiliated with Night Blade, aside from Hyde, sport an incredible amount of agility. Linne has her characteristic double jump, dash-cancel after her projectile, and her evasive roll. Seth’s mobility comes from his obscenely fast running speed as well as being the only person in the game who can both air-backdash and fast-fall in the air. Whereas nearly everyone else is limited to one air-dash, Seth has complete freedom up in the air and even his default backdash on the ground sends him jumping up. His aerial game is also augmented with the crux of his playstyle, the Stitch orb. Seth’s only projectile has him send out a dark ball of energy that stays in position for a few seconds before shooting a projectile that has light tracking on the opponent. Hitting an enemy with this orb not only does decent damage but also stuns them for a lengthy time, allowing for more combo opportunities. However, these orbs can be destroyed by either hitting them directly or hitting Seth. Seth’s force function can make sure that they don’t break when hit. Seth also has two rushing attacks, one on the ground that has him tear across the screen which acts as a juggling tool, and his aerial divebomb that is his staple OTG and pressure tools. The most interesting move in Seth’s kit however, is his Confusion ability that has him either dash or jump towards his opponent and reappear either behind them, above them, or in front of them again. Using confusion on an enemy with hitstun has Seth’s actions lift them even higher with an additional attack, allowing for more attacks to be made. In the newest version, Seth can follow up from the air with a kick that automatically has him dash either behind or in front of his target after his fast-fall. All together, Seth’s fighting style paints quite the convoluted sequence of events that has Seth attacking in front of, above, and behind his opponent and when he isn’t styling on your ass, he’s dashing all around you to find an opening in true ninja like fashion. To top it all off, he’s got an unblockable set up with his orbs as well as a freaking command grab. His EXS is called Kerykeion, which honestly I can’t see how it’s reflected in his playstyle but it’s also has to do with Excavation. Maybe it’s because he has an easier time opening people up.

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