Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 28- Back on Track

I thought pacing issues would occur if they kept ending off arcs in the middle of things and then start a brand new one. Thankfully, Mikitaka’s little arc is concluded and we move on to the introductory phases of Highway Star before the brunt of its glory is fully tackled for next week.

Also, that light change in the opening immediately after a week just screams to me we’ll get more versions. It also beats the hell out of the reused animation during Kira’s dramatic turn.

Continuing from where we left off, Josuke and Rohan continue their game where Rohan is appalled by the results of their dice-throws and begins to laugh. Going with the flow, Josuek starts laughing too and it abruptly ends with Rohan stabbing his own pinky, freaking the hell out of Josuke. Josuke asks what he did that for and Rohan confesses that while he despises Josuke, he only held back in respect for Josuke’s relationship with Joseph and Koichi. Rohan is absolutely positive that Josuke is cheating him somehow but the fact that he has no idea how Josuke is doing it infuriates him. A familiar voice brings Josuke’s attention and we’re reintroduced to Tamami who Rohan had dialed ahead of time to watch over their game. Tamami brings out his lock and notes of his own payment to come from the game’s aftermath. Rohan explains that they will play one more round and if he is unable to discern how Josuke is cheating, Rohan will hand over 2 million yen. However, should Josuke’s methods be caught, Rohan will take a pinky from him. To make matters more dire, Tamami’s lock will more or less confirm Josuke’s intention of cheating and he will be unable to actually “not cheat” his way out of this. Rohan’s dice throw ends with an average result but Mikitaka begins to feel sick. Josuke prepares for his throw but as he ends up with another triple-pair of 6’s, Mikitaka begins to puke and grow rashes as sirens are heard by passing firetrucks. Josuke begins to panic and as Rohan moves into check the dice, Tamami yells at how Rohan’s house is on fire, which explains the firetrucks near them. Josuke quickly makes his leave but heals Rohan’s finger before he leaves. At the Kawajiri household, we meet Hayato Kawajiri who happens to have planted cameras in his parent’s bedroom where he finds it suspicious at how his mother has become more cheerful and how his parent’s relationship is growing better.


The next day, Josuke meets Mikitaka and his mother, who mentions how her son has been tricking people into believing him that he’s an alien. Josuke is understandably perplexed but Miktaka assures him that he simply hypnotized a woman to act as his mother during his stay here. Josuke boards a bus but the mood instantly tenses up when he finds Rohan as a fellow passenger. Josuke tries to avoid a conversation but Rohan forces him into one but as the bus goes through a tunnel, Rohan finds a doorway with a man killing a woman and he tries to bring Josuke’s attention to it, only to have him get told off by Josuke. After the bus-ride, Rohan tries convincing Josuke of what he saw and he goes inside the tunnel again on a motorcycle to prove his findings while Josuke decides to head off on his own. Rohan finds what he’s looking for with the mysterious room inside the tunnel but he finds no one inside. As he exits the room and gets back on the bike, he hears footsteps and quickly rides away but finds a number of strange feet-like projections chasing him. Rohan accelerates past 60kph and the feets are unable to catch up but immediately do so after Rohan speeds down to avoid a collision with another car. Before he can invoke Heaven’s Door, he is pierced by these feet and he feels that his energy is being drained.


The full enemy Stand materializes and Rohan opens him up with Heaven’s Door and identifies it as Highway Star, who uses those fake room to lure people in with and drain their nutrients after memorizing their scent. Rohan is unable to find a weakness and as his power fades, Josuke’s voice rings out to check if he’s alright. Josuke heads in the tunnel and finds Rohan in the mysterious room, where Highway Star goads Rohan to lure Josuke inside in exchange for Rohan’s own safety. Rohan asks if he can really get away if he lures Josuke in and as Highway Star agrees to have the two swap, Rohan tells him off, declaring that he just enjoys refusing uppity people’s intents. Rohan yells for Josuke to run away but he does the exact opposite and as Highway Star switches his attention to Josuke, Rohan writes in Highway Star’s information and sends Josuke flying and bids him to find the Stand user to beat Highway Star. Josuke is moved by Rohan’s actions and he fixes the motorcycle as Highway Star catches up behind him.

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