Music of the Week #262




It’s pretty annoying trying to get some reading done when you’re coughing up your stomach every few seconds. Such is my predicament but I have myself to blame for being too lazy to change from Summer to Fall shirts before I went to bed. At least I saved a few hours staying home and just getting work done in the comfort of my room without the 4-hour total transit time. Also had enough time to get in some fitting Under Night lobbies in. I’m confident in saying that I definitely got better with my playstyle in nearly all fronts, yeah, I actually block now.

Anyways, we’ll move on to our theme of week, this time is our token loli. However, like Linne, little Vatista is around a few hundred years old but was mostly asleep for it. She is what is called a Autonomic Nerve, living weapons created in the old ages to combat voids and in-births. Vatista was one AN who made it past the centuries and awakes in the modern age during the Hollow Night and sets off to deal with a disturbance caused by Paradox. On the way, she encounters our protagonist Hyde, who basically yells at her to wear clothes because apparently, AN didn’t wear clothes back then. Gotta wonder how their makers thought of them, but moving on, she does so and carves out a path to deal with the Amnesia leader and beats her to submission. At the end, Paradox wasn’t the source of a anomaly and Vatista decides to stick around awake for a little longer until the next Hollow Night. Hyde asks what she’s going to do and she just states that she’ll stand absolutely still for a month but Hyde decides to invite her to stay at his house for the time being.

Vatista’s looks might trick you into thinking that she plays like a Murakumo-type sword-caster fighter from the Blazblue series but she is anything but. While her wings do perform as blades, her primary “category” as a fighter is part ranged, as she has a lot of keepaway options. However, Vatista also performs extremely well up-close with her multi-hitting normals and close-combat specials. Her most interesting techniques are her crystals, where she can place up to three crystals in the screen and can “detonate” them with her own attacks to add to blockstrings or continue the combo for some devastating damage. She is along with a few other characters are one of the more difficult characters to master and why is this you may ask? Because her entire inputs are based off of Holds and Charges with an immense amount of discipline in timing and buffering is required to properly use her. She also holds two more special features being levitation for a short time and also being unable to apply “counterhits” from her opponents, giving her the FLS of Binding Restriction. Since she’s a machine, she doesn’t have any natural EXS, thus, like Merkava, she possess FLS and has similar markings on her clothes.

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