Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 27- Aliens

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 27- Aliens

With the amount of Chapters we have to cover, DPro is understandably merging a few chapters but also cutting a few small parts out. We’re getting Mikitaka’s little arc with Highway Star which is pretty funny since we’ll get Josuke and Rohan again immediately after the latter burns down the former’s abode. We got a new opening starting from this episode and I’ll speak of it after the episode recap.

Yoshihiro reveals that he has pierced 5 other “individuals” with the arrow and our Legolas-looking friend actually has the Arrow-head bounce off of him. While leaving a cut, he is unchanged from the ordeal and this confuses Yoshihiro. A bit later, Josuke and Okuyasu happen on a crop-circle on the way to school and find our new friend, Hazekura Mikiata beneath a pile of grass. They wake him up and he asks them where he is and his alien-shtick has the two rolling on the ground from laughter, made further hilarious when Mikitaka brings out some stomach medicine when Okuyasu mentions his stomach hurting from laughter. Their attempts to talk Mikitaka out of his act have the two get creeped out by his insistence that he’s not from Earth and the two continue on their way. Okuyasu laments the ice-cream shop they visit every Monday is closed and Mikitaka pulls out some ice-cream cones for them before they continue questioning his “status” an alien. Okuyasu gets angered at how he isn’t making any sense and not showing any evidence but as a firetruck passes by with its sirens on, Mikitaka begins screaming in pain and throws himself into the bushes. Okuyasu leaves but Josuke decides to continue following Mikitaka.

Mikitaka’s anguish has him visibly change into some bendy, blue material and he states his “ability” to shapeshift into anything and he promptly transforms into a pair of sneakers and requests for Josuke to help him get somewhere else. As they land on a building, Mikitaka thanks him for the getting him out of a tough spot and offers to help him in any way he wishes. Josuke hatches up an idea and asks for Mikitaka to shapeshift into a die to get some hustling done and his main target is none other than Rohan. Josuke makes up a pretty true story about how life is pretty boring during the summer without some money to spend and how his mother froze his bank account after seeing how much money he won during the lottery. For this end, he wishes to wager some money against Rohan and while the latter flat out states he never liked him, agrees to it. Josuke gets out his dice but Rohan states that they will use the few he found in his house and Josuke gleefully holds back laughter has he anticipated Rohan’s suspicions ahead of him and planted Mikitaka’s dice beforehand. The two begin their game but Josuke’s absurd amount of winnings from the get-go has Josuke shaken about Mikitaka’s lack of tact and Rohan’s growing suspicion.

Now about the opening


The first row is nothing but some adapted art, particularly love the Josuke and Okuyasu one. The 2nd row shows Kira’s help, Killer Queen, SHA, Stray Cat, and Cinderella’s handiwork. The next shot has Kira priming up Bite the Dust while the backs of our protagonists are behind him, Kira already believes he is unstoppable. Josuke’s shot, while being all kinds of photogenic, shows the Stardust Crusaders year date of 1987, which is succeeded by the sign near Koichi that shows their current year of 1999 but most interestingly is the sign next to that sign with the initials GW and denoting the year 2001. That pretty much gives away that Vento Aureo (which translates to our initials, Golden Wind) that takes place in 2001 is pretty much happening, and the sign is next to Koichi no less. Next shots are just foreshadowing Cheap Trick and Josuke’s current antics with Mikitaka, also note Rohan hiding his back by the doorway. Then we got a clear scene with Toyohiro’s feet with Super Fly near him. Then we got the sequence with the Kawajiri household, Shinobu’s entrance resembles time-flowing backwards and she starts staring at Kira with a cat. Hayato sits in the middle, clearly distressed of the situation, and Killer Queen’s hands envelop him. Note the reference to the Golconda painting with it “raining Kira”. The symbols around the emblem of Morioh go, starting clockwise:

  • Outer Circle: Koichi, Rohan, Jotaro, Okuyasu, Joseph, and Josuke
  • Inner Circle: Tonio, Keicho, Mikitaka, Shigechi, Yuuya, Hazamada, Tamami, Yukako, Aya, and Shizuka

Then we have the whole crew point up to the sky, where the spirits of Shigechi, Aya, Keicho, and Reimi point back toward them. The final scene which I placed befoe the 1999 symbols, has the entire crew recreating the cover of Volume 41, of which I particularly always loved Yukako’s smooth lean on Josuke’s thigh. It originally only comprised of a few characters but they got the whole crew in it, which honestly, is really great because I love the whole big-cast thing they’re emphasizing but unless they actually add original scenes where the other guys show up again, they rarely ever do. Moving on, the 1999 portion. Yoshihiro makes up the 1, Ken for the first 9, Terunosuke for the second 9, and finally Yuuya making the last 9. All in all, the visuals in the opening were great but the music was questionable, which wouldn’t be the first. I personally didn’t like Stand Proud and Sono Chi no Kioku but I grew to love them (Stand Proud is still the weakest opening in my opinion and SCnK only got good standings by me after DIO’s entrance) in their own ways. The overt happiness and “we won” feel in the opening is deeeeeeeefinitely setting up for some time-related shenanigans when we hit the final weeks.

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