Music of the Week #261

Easy easy


Getting a bit busier as the weeks go by so not much else to say right now that seems appropriate. I’ve mostly revisiting my PSP to play through Patapon 2 cause I got stuck early in the game but I’m definitely having an immense amount of fun with it. I’m just curious and a bit irritated at how the guides I look up on Youtube show the players having some killer looking gear while my guys are just starting to get some good equipment. I’ve been mostly farming up materials and gear since I’m that sort of person who overthinks about the “optimal” formation and load out but this is one of those games were every playthrough ends up differently.

Anyways, we continue our coverage of Under Night’s soundtrack and we arrive at the 2nd non-human character in the game, Merkava. Once a human with some degree of control over his EXS, Merkava’s human form was transformed into a Void, which is funny to think about. Voids apparently wildly roam the streets during Hollow Nights but we actually never see what they look like and apparently, Merkava is unique and visibly distinct but we never know how. What we do know is distinct about him is that he still retains sanity and is able to speak through some means of telepathy. Merkava, like all Voids, hold no inherent EXS and feed upon others to have their fill. Strange markings known as Curse Commandments go through his body and these are called FLS (pronounced, False) that convert EXS into abilities, Merkava’s own ability being called Jormungandr, the EXS of the Basilisk. Merkava’s story has him hunting for some EXS and happening upon Hilda who is trying to ascend into a Rebirth until Merkava decides to crash in and eat some people. His story isn’t all that intriguing other than his constant inner battle to retain sanity but satiating his need to feed upon others. Something more plot-worthy of Merkava surfaces from Orie’s backstory where the latter’s parents were killed by “a void capable of speech” and Merkava personally couldn’t remember but knows that he is the only void he knows of that could speak.

Merkava is endeared by the community for his insane looking attacks using the extreme elasticity of his arms that reach nearly half-screen. Merkava’s immense versatility lies with his solid set of normals, special attacks that can easily be canceled into supers, as well as being hard to punish for their range, and just having a wide variety of options. Merkava’s unique ability is his ability to fly and this adds wonders to his initiation and wake-up pressure, as well as providing his only source of a projectile. Merkava is one of the more annoying ones to fight against because of his aforementioned range and the fact that he’s so mobile in the air and can practically follow up on all of his confirms due to his disgustingly long range. Well, at least he ain’t stealing my GrD like Gordeau is. Merkava’s theme gets special mention from me because it’s noticeable and understandably more distinct compared to the others with its alien-like synth blaring in the back.

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