Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 26- Cooling off

So after nearly 5 episodes of Kira goodness, we take a break from our chase and move on to the 2nd half of Part 4 proper with the new set of Stand users made by Yoshihiro and the arrow. This week, it’s Rohan’s little bout with Ken and I will say that the quality definitely dipped with how much dedication they gave to Kira and honestly, this “fight” is only exciting in the last 1/3rd of it anyway. I will also note that they didn’t do Josuke’s little dot eyes when he greets Rohan at the start, as well as Rohan’s little cold shoulder to Joseph when they start their conversation.

Anyway, let’s get to JAAAAAAAAAAAANKEN HOI

Yoshihiro flies around town with the arrow poking out of his picture frame and explains to us that the Arrow is the one that finds those who are worthy of awakening a Stand and it points toward some weird-ass looking kid eating some fruit of tree. Rohan spends a few hours of the afternoon photographing salarymen going in and out of the train station in hopes of pinning down Kira through diligent investigation. Rohan runs into Joseph but also runs into the kid who Yoshihiro used the arrow on and he asks for a game of Janken/RPS. Rohan brushes him off but the child’s insistence and the strange hole in his cheek forces Rohan’s hand and he summons Heaven’s Door to open the kid up. The kid’s name is Oyanagi Ken and he really likes RPS. With some info, Rohan shuts Ken up with a victory in an RPS bout and leaves in a cab. Rohan takes a break by the cafe where he runs into Josuke, Okuyasu, and strangely Yukako but he politely brushes their invitation off since he didn’t like any of them. Ken however appears again and demands another match while stealing Rohan’s seat. Rohan tries to mouth him off again and only when Ken starts to profusely cry does Rohan shut him up again by winning again and gloating over his victory. We skip scenes to Rohan in a bookstore planning to buy a book for reference but Ken shows up again but this time, Rohan loses and Ken’s new Stand finally activates and takes a portion of Heaven’s Door away from Rohan. The two head outside after Rohan blasts Ken away with Heaven’s Door but its effects wane after Ken absorbed a part of it after his victory.


Ken’s Boy II Man requires Ken to win against Rohan at something 5 times if he fully wishes to assume its power and Rohan finds it necessary to regain his Heaven’s Door and the two enter another match. Ken wins for the 2nd time and Rohan decides to devise some mindgames against Ken of his own and the two end up with 2 draws in a row. Ken decides to test out his luck and notices Josuke and Joseph walking around and calls out to them. He states that if they walk away, he would be lucky and of course, Josuke states that he dislikes Rohan and Joseph takes Ken as a fan and the two decide to give the battling duo their space. Ken once again tests his luck even more and shatters a window above him and none of the glass shards make contact with him.


Rohan however gets a shard of glass on the back of his palm but declares that he’ll win the next round and the two have their stand-off and Rohan’s paper is beaten by Ken’s scissor, except it isn’t when Ken’s fingers form rock instead. Rohan reveals his trick, declaring that he has overcome his own luck by utilizing something outside of the fight and he reveals Shizuka Joestar in his hands with a number of commands written into protecting him. Heaven’s Door is returned by Ken decides to throw himself in front of a truck in denial of his loss but Rohan’s intervention has the observing Yoshihiro land on the truck’s windshield which diverts the truck away from them. Rohan commends Ken for his smarts but gets dragged into finding Shizuka after Joseph and Josuke come looking for her.

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