Music of the Week #260


Fall Approaches


The season reaches an end and I’m stuck in a rather familiar position of having not much to say with the Summer season. Fall however doesn’t “seem” all that much but I at least have one series that I plan on giving a chance, you’ll see what that turns out to be when the time comes but I will try to get out my usual weekly recaps along with Jojo’s own segments. I’ve also been reading a lot more recently, be it books, articles, notes, and even light novels, a medium I didn’t want to associate myself with all that much. Summer’s lack of series for me to entertain myself with had me go back and see what series I thoroughly enjoyed and I think I’ll say more on my re-discoveries as its own post, been a while since something like that happened right?

Continuing our Under Night music showcase, we arrive at one of the more infamous characters in the roster. Gordeau is a famed mercenary fighter who was also former member of the antagonist group Amnesia, a group that aims to utilize the mass of EXS for their own uses. Gordeau proved to be an excellent fighter and gained the moniker of the “Harvester of Greed” but Gordeau left the organization in order to pursue another goal that involved avenging a death of a close friend by the hands of a member of Licht Kreis. Whether or not French Bread thought Bob was any sort of name for us to take seriously in this matter is unclear but in short, Bob was overtaken by his own EXS and tuned into a void and was promptly killed by a member of the Licht Kreis and Gordeau vowed to avenge him. But Gordeau himself can’t do this alone and he’s accompanied by another friend of his, Kei Asumi, better known as Chaos, who continues work in Amnesia as its tactician and they work in tandem to track down the Licht Kreis member known as the Crimson Knight. But snooping around for information isn’t Gordeau’s style so when he isn’t freeloading at Chaos’ house, he works nights as a bartender but when it’s time for the Hollow Night, he sets off to try and encounter his friend’s murderer. His part of the story is hunting down his former boss Hilda in order to try and stop another accident from happening again.

Not only does Gordeau look pretty awesome as all hell with probably the most “anime” style hair and the presence of his primary weapon, an enormous scythe that he can summon at will known as the Devourer. Gordeau’s EXS is called “Snatcher” and while not completely apparent with his weapon choice, it’s abilities will soon be apparent. Gordeau is considered one of the best characters in the EXE: Late version of the game with his scythe taking an enormous portion of the screen. His scythe-based specials revolve dominating screen-space and generally making life hell for you. His reversal covers at least 3/4ths of the screen and also doubles as an effective anti-air, one of his most famous moves. However, while an immensely powerful tool, Gordeau’s true horror with his scythe comes from his 236, the Mortal Slide and its chain of inputs. Mortal Slide also acts like an anti-air if far away but it’s primary function acts as a means to confirm any long range hit and pull you into optimal combo distance to further his damage. From there, there’s two ways to go about this: 1) Gordeau follows up in the air or 2) He pulls out his 2nd means of attacking that makes his already absurd advantage even more ridiculous. Gordeau keeps one of his hands in his pocket (let’s just stick with his left hand since that’s how the official art shows it) and it turns out that his concealed hand has some freakishly long nails that he can use for combat. Gordeau’s most optimal combo-enders utilize these claws for the move called Assimilation where he stabs these nails into the opponent and rips out their soul but in the context of the match, this equates to stealing the GrD resource. He can also use this move as a quick as hell command grab that doubles as a “reversal” of sorts if someone doesn’t bother jumping. Lastly, he can use these nails for his quasi-projectile where he yet again covers the screen with a tearing effect with his claws to attack you from range.

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