Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 25- Kira’s Family

It’s surprising to think how we only have a few more episodes left of Part 4. That announcement for Part 5 can’t come soon enough. I also hear that we might get a new opening around the 30th of this month too so I can’t wait for that. Another stellar episode that went through Atom Heart Father quite fast and RPS Boy for next week will quickly move us to the much awaited Highway Star fight.

The crew investigate the Kira household after Koichi was able to learn where he lived and they find information regarding our beloved serial killer. Records and picture show that he barely stood out among his peers and that his parents died when he was relatively young. He proudly displays 3rd place awards and other data has Jotaro fully realize that Kira was someone who purposefully never gave it his all and wanted to remain in the background. The team try to look harder for clues and Josuke finds an enormous collection of nail clippings and Jotaro reads that Kira had a hobby of trimming his nails and meticulously writing down the details on their growth and size. Jotaro, being the informed adult he is, deduces this act as an act of fortune-telling and sure enough, the data where Kira’s nails grow abnormally are the times he goes off and kills someone.


A faint noise brings Jotaro and Josuke’s attention to a camera on a desk and as they investigate the photograph that comes out of it, they notice that there’s an old-man in the photo and they’re unable to see him behind them. Since Reimi’s existence confirms that ghost can exist, they see that Kira Yoshihiro’s spirit remains alive and the phone begins to ring. The two avoid picking it up but it is thrown at Josuke’s face and Yoshihiro’s voice is heard where he declares that he won’t let them leave to bother his precious son’s wish to live a quiet life. Koichi and Okuyasu arrive to see Josuke yelling at the photograph containing Yoshihiro and he tears the photo up after Koichi explains that Stands are able to affect ghosts as he remembers Heaven’s Door working on Reimi. However, the tears from the photo are reflected on Josuke and Jotaro inside the photo and they begin to rip apart, prompting Josuke to repair the photo. Josuke calls out for Okuyasu to accurately tear Yoshihiro out of the picture but Okuyasu flies into the other side of the window and Yoshihiro explains that he is bound to any photograph he is in and can control the dimension of where the photograph shows. Yoshihiro then grabs a knife to decapitate the two Jojo’s inside the photo and Josuke panics while Jotaro admits to “giving up” but only in trying to face Yoshihiro directly and he takes another close-up picture, only with Yoshihiro up in front. The knife stops flying toward Josuke and Jotaro reveals that with Yoshihiro being the only occupant of the photo, they will be free to continue their investigation. Jotaro folds and binds the photo with tape and sticks it to a wall and the rest of them move around the house.

Koichi and Okuyasu slog through Kira’s belongings and constantly hear Yoshihiro’s cry for help and air and Koichi can’t help but feel sympathetic with his own case of claustrophobia. Okuyasu encourages him to ignore it and he sticks a few more tacks into the photo. Yoshihiro however tricks them into thinking that the extra holes made by the tacks will allow him to escape and Okuyasu ends up opening the photo up where Yoshihiro escapes by flinging himself the room using the clothstring made by his own clothes. At that point, Josuke discovers the Bow and Arrow inside a drawer and ponders at how another set was in Morioh. Yoshihiro however takes off with the Arrow and ropes a nearby bird and flies off. Jotaro also takes this time to elaborate on the Bow and Arrow’s acquisition by Enya and DIO, which also explains how they were able to make so many Stand-users to throw against him and the Crusaders.


Elsewhere, we join Kira now masquerading around as Kawajiri Kosaku, enter his new home where he meets his estranged wife, Shinobu and his despondent son Hayato. While Kira was expecting dinner, he finds a cup-ramen on the table and he decides to cook for himself and his wife. Shinobu is surprised to see her husband actually do something and is more surprised at how well he is able to cook. A hilarious turn of events occur where Kira steals money from their landlord and hands it back to him to cover their rent and Shinobu finds this act of theft romantic.

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