Music of the Week #259




Slight headache completely messed up my schedule to prepare this. Late or not, I’ve decided that to do what happens every Summer on this site and pretty much stick with Jojo. For anyone curious, I was planning on watching Danganronpa 3, but I felt that I would enjoy it infinitely more if I got into Danganronpa 2. I’ll save myself the experience when that finally happens. Mob Psycho might be something I get into later when I run out of things to watch and that’s honestly it. Handa-kun might be something down my alley but it’s only connected to Barakamon through the main character but I am contemplating on watching it just for Handa’s cute mom. We’ll see what happens and hell, I might even end up watching Qualidea Code just for one girl, take a wild guess who that might be.

We continue our Under Night OST showcase this week with the theme of the resident holy-knight Orie. Orie Harada (born Orie Valadier) is an executor for the secondary group of the series, Licht Kreis, an all-female order of purifiers (which is later explained to be Waldstein’s fault) that protect civilians during the Hollow Night. Orie’s own past involves the death of her parents by the hands of a Void that was capable of human speech and while she isn’t looking for the genocide of their kind, she staunchly upholds her duties in protecting others from suffering the same fate. For this reason, she is picked up by Licht Kreis and was given her rapier, Ruler, that harms ones with evil intent and also allows her to summon the blade’s spirit to assist her in battle. Orie happens to be the 5th ranked executor in the order and is sent to Japan along with her team of fellow executors to investigate the occurrences happening there. Orie and her squad keep their cover as students and Orie happens to be fairly well acquainted with our protagonist, Hyde where the two to reluctantly enter a fight with each other when they meet during the Hollow Night. Definite hints of romantic interests are present when we take a few other routes in mind. Thankfully, Orie’s main story in the game focuses on stopping Paradox and confronting the void capable of speech. However, she lets it live, as to better validate her vindication and get some real proof that it was the one that did it since it was apparently unable to remember it correctly.

Orie herself plays similarly to Hyde and Linne in that she has a very traditional but versatile gameplay. I hesitate to call her a shoto-clone because she doesn’t exactly behave like one since she has no inherent projectile. Instead, Orie’s gameplay revolves around her versatile set of normals and semi-longe range pokes with her rapier. She also has a large variety of kicks which is funny to think since she’s wearing a dress (albeit, a respectably long one) and more importantly, 15cm heels. Her most interesting portion of gameplay comes from the aforementioned blade spirit called Thanatos who holds an even bigger sword. Orie can summon Thanatos close by to cover her with either quick or heavy swings from either on the ground or in the air and adds to her block-string and cross-up capabilities. More scarily though is Thanatos’ ability to project itself away from Orie and act as a projectile at a given area, damaging everything in a circle around it. Overall, a surprisingly solid character who specializes in some good mind-games and spacing. If her theme’s title doesn’t really drill the fact that she’s a combat-nun into you, then I guess I should mention her EXS is based off her “purity”. No idea how that one works honestly.

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