Music of the Week #258

Always sleepy


Things aren’t exactly getting busy but for some reason, I can’t seem to find too much time to get anything done. I really need to work on not getting too easily distracted these days. Might have a series of posts talking about something I’ve been wanting to talk about but who knows, maybe it might happen, maybe it won’t. For now, it’s mostly Jojo and me still pathetically trying to catch up to some of this season’s shows and to be perfectly honest, it’s saying something at how I seem to have become so bored of them, both for me and the shows to lose my interest.

This week’s theme is Bad Surface, the theme of Carmine. Carmine is a 3rd year in the same school that the other characters attend, but he is more focused on the events of the Hollow Night. Carmine gained the ability he calls Blood Spike, the EXS of Lifeblood that weaponizes his own blood. Carmine, despite his appearance all over the game’s promotional images, is a rather inconsequential character to the overall “plot” of the series. Where organizations such as the Yato, Licht Kreis, and Amnesia exist, Carmine just goes around fighting people during the Hollow Night for the pure enjoyment of it and doesn’t bother with the conflicts between the organizations. Apparently, his abilities are prolific enough to gain the attention of a lot of people.

While looking androgynous and being voiced by Takashi Kondo, Carmine exemplifies the game of “pressure”. Even his theme, Bad Surface, oozes with certain aggressiveness that perfectly embodies what type of character he is, a bully. Carmine has the benefit of long-range moves (that is in no shortage in this series) but his specialty lies in the specials he utilize. Carmine’s specials consume his life and in exchange, it leaves a puddle of his blood where it lands and Carmine can activate this puddle with his specials, or re-position it using his Force Function, and use it as an extension of his attack, giving him good keep-away and constant pressure, oh, and he can have two puddles active at once. Even then, Carmine’s 236 input throws a multi-hitting projectile that keeps a person in place and even picking up downed opponents while he makes use of his array of normals that range from a projectile, anti-airs, and overheads that makes his pressure game one of the most nightmarish to defend against. To make things even better for Carmine, he can follow-up from nearly full-screen at the cost of a super and/or keep up his already impressive pressure with delay-able traps. This is of course, at the cost of his health, and a smart Carmine will maximize on every approach to get a lengthy combo in while you can pick out the bad Carmines who try to play “defensively” AKA, literally killing themselves. An important note is that Carmine can replenish his health with a quick grab or a command grab, giving him some leeway.

And goddamn, can Takashi Kondo belt out an intimidating laugh.

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