Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 23- Jotaro and the Unbreakable Bomb

Sheer Heart Attack Part 1 begins, even if the actual thing appeared last week.

I’m so happy that we’re getting so many consecutive weeks of Kira, and to think there’s even more to come is downright awesome. I personally can’t wait for the next episode where Kira once again shows his obsessive tendencies that adds so much to why he’s an enjoyable villain. Anyway, I’m late so let’s get on with it.

Continuing right where we left off, Sheer Heart Attack reveals itself and Jotaro sheilds Koichi from the blast and they are stalked by the elusive yet adorable looking mini-tank-bomb. Kira takes his leave after the first explosion as he is firmly adamant about Sheer Hear Attack’s “invincibility”. Koichi notices that Kira might have left and yells that they should give chase but Jotaro stands firm on trying to protect themselves from the bomb. Jotaro also deduces that Kira must be a man around his mid 20’s to early 30’s, is fairly wealthy, and is most likely unmarried seeing as how he needed to come to a tailor’s. Jotaro advises for Koichi to think straight and act calmly according to the situation and as soon as his lecture ends, Sheer Heart Attack resurfaces to attack. Jotaro’s attempts to break it apart with Star Platinum’s fists prove ineffective and he ends up throwing it outside. Sheer Heart Attack while a bit damaged on the outside, continues its relentless pursuit and suddenly shifts it attention from Jotaro, to Koichi. Jotaro quickly stops time to light a fire and deduces that Sheer Heart Attack is a remote stand based on its simple movements and also finds that it is most likely attracted to heat sources. But this also leads to a realization for Jotaro that the higher the heat, the more power it will exert and he is caught in a violent blast.

Super Koichi

Koichi panics and tries to drag Jotaro’s unconscious body away from SHA and he brings it to the other room. He turns on the lights and he tries to get to the kitchen and lights up the stove and oven, only to find them electric, meaning it will take some time. Koichi panics as SHA approaches them but suddenly gains the confidence and insight to think things clearly and utilize Act 2 to make a word that is attached to SHA and dangled in front of it, causing it to endlessly chase after it. Things calm down and Koichi calls Josuke to his location but Koichi realizes that he forgot to turn the electric stove off and its temperature exceeds the word he put on SHA and it detonates. Koichi and Jotaro land outside and survive the blast but SHA approaches them once again and Koichi finds Act 2’s shell and remembers that this happened before. Echoes Act 3 is born and he punches SHA with his power but he is quickly overpowered. What Act 3 lacks in power, he makes up for it with some effect that increases SHA weight and it is grounded to the pavement. Elsewhere, Kira is drinking at a cafe and his now weighted left hand gives him trouble, prompting him to return to SHA’s location.

Act 3

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