Music of the Week #257


Gogo Jojo


Been narrowing down but I’ve been wanting to finish for the Summer season with only so many weeks left before it ends. Been mostly busy however with getting things in check and doing some of my own personal projects that I’m debating whether or not I should end up publishing or not. Will think more on that later. Also been getting back on League of Legends to finally master a few more characters before I inevitably take another extended break.

Anyways, this week’s theme is that of Waldstein, the resident grappler and one of the two “inhuman” characters in Under Night. Normally, I don’t find myself playing these types of characters because I always prefer a bit of speed over over-bearing strength. Waldstein is the guardian of Linne who was once a high-ranking member of Licht Kreis, an opposing faction that fought against Yato Clan. Waldstein however defected to the Yato’s side when he was inspired by its leader, Kuon, who happened to be Linne’s brother. Waldsteinn was at some point cursed with the monstrous body that also granted him certain immortality. He along with Linne continued to survive and he assisted her in keeping the voids during the Hollow Night in check and even assisted her in finding a way to end her immortality. This of course takes shape in Hyde and his manifested ability to call out the Insulator and he and Linne have been invading his house ever since to train him.

Waldstein’s EXS is called Hecatoncheir that grants him monstrous strength. He also wears a pair of enormous gauntlets that cover his arms called Destroyers. Gameplay wise, Waldstein is the slowest character in the game and would be near useless if it weren’t for the universal mechanic of “assault”. With this, he can utilize his enormous range to most likely catch you jumping and smash you to the wall and convert into a combo. Zoning needs to be properly done against him as his claws can also just break projectiles apart. His Force Function acts as his only projectile, where he throws a boulder at you. While having a decent pool of moves, it’s all about his grabs, with the most annoying thing being how far his command grabs can reach. He’s quite the annoying one to fight.

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