Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 22- Explosion

My faith with David Production has gone far and beyond satisfying my expectations. D.P has seem to have prioritized a majority of good scenes for this episode which more than makes up for how Killer Queen looked up in the far-away shot last week. To make it better, I now see why they tackled Yukako and Cinderella earlier because the conclusion of this episode sent us straight into Sheer Heart Attack, which I can’t wait to see.

Kira reveals Killer Queen and Shigechi goes on the attack and threatens him to back out and Kira notes at how even if he takes down a few Harvests, the damage doesn’t seem to transfer to Shigechi himself. Kira reveals Killer Queen’s own special ability but before any of that happens, Shigechi notices something in Killer Queen’s fingers and orders for Harvest to retrieve it and finds that it’s just a 100-yen coin. Kira promptly explains his stand’s ability: to turn anything it touches into a bomb and he detonates the 100-yen near Shigechi and he is caught in the explosion. Turns out that Shigechi survived but is suffering from immense pain and as he tries to crawl away to safety, Kira moves in front of him to calmly assure the boy that he will certainly die for Kira’s continued peaceful life. Shigechi takes what remains of his power to summon a horde of Harvests to cover his escape while mentioning that Kira must be the one everyone was after from what Reimi told them and Kira gives chase to the stray Harvest that fell behind. In truth, Shigechi hid near the bushes with his Harvests covering him with leaves and he shambles his way to Josuke’s class to both get healed and reveal Kira’s truth.


As Shigechi reaches for the classroom where Josuke and Okuyasu are, Kira’s reflection is seen through the door’s window and Kira is surprised to know that anyone knows about Reimi’s murder but doesn’t mind it as long as Shigechi is out of the picture. Having already been primed, the door-handle disintegrates Shigechi and finishes him off. Josuke and Okuyasu hear someone call out Josuke’s name and find a single Harvest carrying a jacket button before it explodes. Back in the ghost alley, Reimi and Arnold witness Shigechi’s rather painful passing as even his soul crumbles away and his death is felt by the stand-users of Morioh (with the exception of Tamami who is still in the hospital) and Reimi confirms Shigechi’s death and they all are inspired to be more aware and on the prowl than ever before to find the murderer in their town. Of course, Kira walks past Josuke and the crew and notices them but his attention is caught by a rather mean-spirited girl and he decides that she’ll be the next on his prowl.

The People of Morioh

Unexpectedly, we pick up immediately into a few days later where Koichi and Jotaro find a shoe store that also offers tailoring service and Jotaro mentions that he searched every tailor in the town but seemed to have overlooked this one. Sure enough, the old man inside confirms that the button is from a suit he just patched up in the back but as he goes and gets it, he is immediately attacked by a mysterious, tank like stand. The tank-stand kills the old man and Kira’s hand comes out from a door to retrieve his jacket. Jotaro and Koichi hear a ticking noise and Jotaro shields Koichi from the oncoming explosion.

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