Music of the Week #256

Business begins again


If you thought my progress this season was slow, it’s about to get slower. Since classes are back, I’ll probably more distracted then ever, for better or for worse. Haven’t been really up to anything all that much since I’ve been readjusting my sleep schedules as well as planning everything out for the weeks to come. Always know that Jojo will never not be covered so I guess there’s a reason to keep coming back if those entertain you at all.

We’re moving right ahead to our music of the week and this one in particular, while not featuring a character I don’t play as much, probably holds one of my favorite themes in the game. Linne is the main “heroine” of Under Night and while she looks like a very young girl, she holds the mentality of a 100 year old woman with a curse that transfers her conscious to another body every time she dies. She is the “princess” of the Yato clan, a group of people who protected others during the Hollow Night for generations but the groups have since disbanded. Her brother, Kuon, is at the center of the plot and is responsible for the Hollow Nights that occur but not too much detail is known about that. Feeling guilty over the numerous lives she has ruined thanks to her immortality, Linne has searched far and wide with her servant, Waldstein, to find a certain weapon to end her life permanently. This weapon of course, manifested in Hyde, the boy she saves from a Void. A lot of Hyde’s story intersects with hers as her main goal is to stop the current “villain” Hilda and find a way to end her life. In Hyde’s case, he doesn’t want to fulfill her wishes just yet since he believes she has much to teach him.

Gameplay wise, Linne’s EXS ability is shown through her agility and surely enough, it is named Speed Star. Linne’s playstyle is all about getting in close and not giving breathing room to the opponent as shown by her specials, where her projectiles barely travel 3/4ths of the screen, and the gap closing moves and commands, her specialty being able to double jump. She is also one of those characters with an insane amount of normals that keeps her blockstrings really lengthy, fitting since she carries an enormous blunt longsword and a folding knife. She’s definitely up there in the pro-scene thanks to this and it’s one of the reasons I love Under Night, practically everyone is usable. But let’s get on to one of my favorite themes, cue that damn piano.


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