Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 21- The Chase Begins

Although the episode quality has gotten some backlash after the hours the episode came out, I was still very much satisfied with the episode. He’s here folks, our main villain of Part 4, just a highly deranged man with access to a sure-fire way to kill anyone he wants and get away with it. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t end up being a serial killer like this? No doubt someone would be less weird about it but hey, it’s something to consider.

Kira Yoshikage spends his morning clipping his nails and giving a ring to another one of his girlfriends during breafast and later at lunch, he is asked out by three female employees to join them for lunch. Kira responds that he is currently busy and that they’ll find the time for lunch another time. Kira begins to “talk” to his date as they pick out a sandwich from a bakery and he begins licking the hand when he accidentally pushes on the wraps with too much force and gets sauce all over it. Kira picnics outside in a local park and enjoys his lunch but notices his girlfriend starting to smell and he plans to himself to find a new one in the near future. Kira senses something nearby and finds a dog attracted to his sandwich bag and he scares it off. Near his vicinity, Shigechi runs into Josuke and Okuyasu who asks him for some lunch money and promises to pay him back. While Shigechi writes a little memo on what Josuke and Okuyasu owes him, his sandwich bag gets taken by the dog from before. Shigechi finds his bag gone and finds Kira’s bag instead and takes it, the bag where Kira had previously stored his “girlfriend”.

Kira Yoshikage

Now with Shigechi trailing along Josuke and Okuyasu, Kira begins to relentlessly and inconspicuously stalk them to retrieve the bag. All of his attempts to take the bag fail with some close calls and he follows Shigechi to his school’s gym where he gets some free beverages from but Josuke and Okuyasu, who had previously said that they weren’t that cheap to steal from the school, end up joining him. Kira quickly takes shelter under some gym equipment and attempts to take the bag with an untwisted cloth hanger but only ends up opening the bag’s seal and Josuke investigates the bag, only for Shigechi to accuse him of trying to take it. During the confusion, Kira takes the bag and when Shigechi returns with their drinks, gets furious at how his bag disappeared and states that he will search them using Harvest. The two knowing they didn’t do anything tells him to do as he pleases but a teacher discovers the trio in the storage room and the three bolt out.


Kira takes his time to head out on his own and as he quips to himself about his luck, Shigechi confronts Kira after having his Harvest track him down and the two struggle over the sandwich bag where the hand is finally shown. Kira sees that Shigechi has the same abilities he does and then goes about describing his life and lifestyle and makes a punctual note on how he usually has little problems with his life and wishes to continue living peacefully. However, with Shigechi seeing the hand, he brands Shigechi an interference to his peaceful life and declares his intent to eliminate him.

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