Music of the Week #255


And on we go


Not much else going on in the week other than that instead of watching more episodes of series I need to catch up with for this season, I just can’t wait for Kira to show up this week and kill Shigechi and start the 2nd half of Part 4. I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time so it would be understatement if I said I was only just excited for it.

We’ve been talking about Under Night for a few weeks now so it’s about high time we actually talked about what it’s about right? Under Night’s plot takes place in a unnamed city that suffers from a phenomena known as Hollow Night that afflicts certain regions of Japan. Hollow Night is signified by red nights where beasts known as Voids roam the streets to feast on energy known as EXS. While regular people cannot see Voids, those who have the potential to perceive them become under target by them. Those attacked by Voids are either devoured or become insane from the encounter but in the rare chance that they person survives and keeps their sanity, they become what is known as an In-Birth, who hold the ability to manipulate EXS. Our main protagonist, Kido Hyde is one such person who survives an encounter with a void and becomes an In-Birth when he is saved by Linne and Waldstein. Hyde’s abilities manifest through his sword, the Insulator, that is able to weaponize streaking red shadows and Hyde’s EXS manipulation is aptly named Void Red. This sword also happens to be a weapon that Linne was searching for. After this incident, Hyde’s home is taken over by Linne and Waldstein who begin to train him in preparation for the next Hollow Night.

Gameplay-wise, Hyde is categorized as a “shoto clone”, which means he has the classic Hadouken and Shoryuken moves as well as some other techniques that round him out as a balanced character. Compared to most protagonist and shoto-clones however, I find Hyde an absolute blast to play. Never mind the fact that his looks and introduction make him out as a generic protagonist from a generic manga or light novel, his gameplay style, moveset, and voice make him one, if not, the most fun main protagonist characters I’ve ever played. Two projectiles, an aerial rekka that can give him a relaunch or OTG, insane corner carry, two follow ups for his projectile, and some of the best normals in the game, Hyde has got a lot of tools under his belt. To top it all off, just look at his move’s names while you listen to his theme:

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