Music of the Week #254


Oh well


So as much as I was confident in getting the Summer stuff recapped this week, real life decided to get up in my face. At this point, I’d consider it a bit too late for anything since we’re around the halfway point and I still have a considerable number of stuff to catch up to. So pretty much like any summer season on here, Jojo is the only thing that’s going to be a constant and you can expect some Series review when the time comes.

To be perfectly fair, the only series I was looking forward to was Handa-kun on the pure basis that it was a prequel to Barakamon but not really since it’s only about Handa. Not much other series interest me all that much this season.

This week’s theme is the all important Character Select theme from Under Night: Gathers Under Night, one of my newer favorites in the Character Select theme business. It’s mostly the piano at the start that always gets me going then it’s the usual loop. Under Night’s selection follows what I call the classic “Marvel 2” style where your button inputs decide which alternate color you pick your character in. There’s the Vs theme that plays during the quick loading transition into the game itself but it’s not exactly worth mentioning.

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