Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 18&19- Fatty’s Arc

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 18&19- Fatty’s Arc

Completely forgot about Shigechi’s episode due to being sick and there’s no better time to have a dual episode recap when we have two of Shigechi’s episodes to cover. Let’s get straight to it so I can get back to getting the other series recaps in. For me, I never liked Shigechi all that much and basically treated him the same as his popular nickname implies, a Dodoria. This arc was special to me because we get so much Josuke and Okuyasu moments and faces and that’s basically what all my screencaps are for this episode.

Josuke despairs at his bank balance but his attention is soon shifted towards a small Stand that comes out of one of the machines. The stand brandishes a small coin and begins to run out of the bank which prompts Josuke to chase after it, expecting the worst out of stands that he hasn’t seen before. In the middle of chasing it down the street, he hears a familiar voice, which turns out to be Okuyasu. The latter apparently had a run in with the mysterious stand as well and chased after it after it appeared from beneath a vending machine he bought some drinks out of. As the two continue their chase, they find the number of similar looking stands to be increasing and they find the source of it at a nearby park.


The young boy controlling the stands, Harvest, introduces himself as Yangu “Shigechi” Shigekiyo. While not exactly gifted with intelligence, Josuke and Okuyasu learn that he has a kind enough heart to listen to police and have permission to gather dropped change from all over town. The two compliment Shigechi’s diligence in not only making some cash but also reintegrating lost change back into the market. Touched by a rare compliment, Shigechi offers from half of the large sum of change he just gathered and Josuke refuses the offer, much to Okuyasu’s annoyance. However, Josuke comes up with an idea that will both agree with his morals and have all three of them gain some money. Josuke informs the other two of how certain stores give out stamps per given amount of yen spent at their stores and these can be redeemed for cash or in-store credit. Harvest goes to work and the trio are able to make a considerable amount of money. However, Shigechi’s inner greed has him wanting to keep most of the profit for himself and Josuke holds Okuyasu back from somewhat understandable violence given Shigechi’s age.


The duo decide to agree to be adults and let Shigechi keep the majority of the money and Okuyasu scrounges through the leftover papers to find some lottery tickets the town denizens threw out. While Josuke is sarcastic in cheering for Okuyasu’s luck, the latter actually finds a winning ticket and freaks out over it, prompting Josuke to check it out and lose his mind over their enormous earnings. However, Shigechi’s face darkens at how they plan to keep the lottery money too. The trio nonetheless head to the bank to redeem their winning lottery number but almost get outed after they forget about the name and phone number of the original person who bought the ticket. Crazy Diamond is however able to fix the problem and the trio gain the promissory note for their lottery winnings, but Shigechi once again expresses discontent toward sharing the money since it was Harvest that collected the tickets. Okuyasu loses patience and punches Shigechi and Josuke compromises that even he is beginning to get irked over Shigechi’s greed and takes the note and promises to split the money after 3 days when the money arrives. While reveling over the fact that they get to split half of a considerable sum of money, Shigechi utilizes Harvest to take the note and begins to run, and Josuke loses patience as well and the duo give chase. Shigechi eventually stumbles but Harvest spawns beneath him and moves him like a conveyor belt and he flees up a building.

Strike a Pose

The duo do the same and support each other up the building and corner Shigechi on a rooftop. Shigechi however reveals that he had swiped a bottle of liquor on his escape path and had utilized Harvest to inject alcohol directly into the duo’s bloodstreams, inebriating them. Now drunk, the two lose their footing and seem to stand no chance against Harvest’s ability of not-transferring its damage to its user, similar to Keicho’s Bad Company. Okuyasu of all people however comes up with a plan and prompts Josuke to follow with his cue and Okuyasu takes out the money Shigechi gave to them before but as Shigechi gets closer, he finds out that they planned on tricking him to lure him closer. However, Okuyasu only needed the slightest of Shigechi’s advance and he is able to use The Hand’s ability to snatch the note. Josuke takes the note and tears if apart, prompting the desperate Shigechi to send his Harvest to gather all the torn pieces. Shigechi realizes he has fully compromised his defenses and the duo gang up on him to teach him a lesson.

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