Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 15- The Story of the Pomp

It don’t matter.

I don’t care if I have one more series review to do, I’m a week late but I’m also a week late in talking about this new opening. I can’t tell you hype I got when I first saw it. The music is completely different from what we’ve previously got with other Jojo openings. Anyway, an in-depth breakdown will take place after I talk about this episode.

Right off the bat, Koichi returns to Rohan’s house the next day with no clue on why he was suddenly inspired to come to his house. Rohan shows off his inhuman skills with drawing manga and uses blots of ink to color and goes straight to the pen to draw out his outlines without the need for safely penciling in his works beforehand. Rohan continuously takes pages off Koichi to use as inspiration while Koichi attempts to run away to no avail. Rohan senses Josuke and Okuyasu by his front door and sends out Koichi under the effects of Heaven’s Door to assure the two that there’s nothing suspicious going on.

Burn myself

Josuke and Okuyasu leave and Koichi is horrified at how Heaven’s Door is inhibiting all the means of Koichi getting help from the outside. As he returns to Rohan’s room, Okuyasu pops by the window after he noticed Koichi’s hand earlier bleeding, a wound Koichi didn’t notice during his previous struggle to escape from before. Okuyasu is however put under the effects of Heaven’s Door after witnessing Rohan’s manga panel and he is slowly forced into burning himself to death. This prompts Rohan to call out Josuke by his door and calls him out. Josuke is forced out and charges toward Rohan, withstanding the razors thrown at him as he runs in literally with his eyes closed. Rohan rubs in his advantage and reads out one of Josuke’s weaknesses and insults his hair, which completely stops Josuke in his tracks.


Sensing an opportunity, Rohan reveals his manga panel, only for Josuke to just punch him through it and sends him flying. Josuke’s anger completely overwhelms him and starts blindly rampaging around the room, with his sight completely blinding him in anger, making him immune to the effects of Heaven’s Door. Koichi and Okuyasu return to normal and the former recall the story of why Josuke gets angry at anyone disrespecting his hair. Years ago during the Stardust Crusader’s journey to Egypt, Josuke was afflicted with the same “stand” sickness. Tomoko took Josuke out in the blizzard to get to the hospital but was stuck in the snow. The car was able to get out when a bloodied teen rocking a pompadour helped their car escape from the snow by using his jacket. Josuke caught sight of this and dedicated his hairstyle for the man who saved him. As we return to present time, Okuyasu and Koichi find Rohan conscious again, writing down the story he just heard. That is until Josuke finds him and proceeds to beat him up some more.

Now let’s get to that freaking opening. Obviously Spoiler territory.


First things first, that first intro before we see the spinning protags, we see a heartbeat, which I have no other explanation than that to be Sheer Heart Attack’s sign, one of many in this opening. The next two with the Soup cans and the travel case show Kira’s obsession and his murder tendencies, as well as his occupation as a businessman and you can also see his coat. The photo with the crew that resembles Volume 41. You can also get a quick glance at Masazo Kinoto and the tank treads all around the photos further hinting SHA. The hands and explosions of course hinting further at this. We get our first glimpse at Shigechi and the quick frame of Kira clipping his nails with a vision of 3 people, alluding to the three named characters we will see him kill, with one already having been killed. Next shot of Rohan shows off some crows with the next scene with our main crew strolling down the road has a single crow flyby, alluding to Yoshihiro Kira’s method of transportation. The scene also shows off the two rats. Next we have our scene with the heart being crushed with Killer Queen’s skull emblem as we switch to Love Deluxe and Cinderella which then switch to Yukako and Aya. The film shows off Rohan and Reimi holding hands which then switch to Kira’s own and one of his “girlfriend’s”. Next we have the bloody sihoulette of Yoshihiro Kira holding the arrow and a quick transition to Reimi and Arnold followed by yet another skull emblem. Then finally, we have Kira himself by the end.

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