Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 14- Improvements

We’re finally introduced to Kishibe Rohan, a rather important character and the technical 4th (0r 5th if you don’t Jotaro) man of the regular crew in Part 4. He definitely seems like a villain now but I can definitely vouch for the genuine “humanity” in him to do what he loves, he just happens to be eccentric about it.

I will say that I absolutely love this rendition of Rohan’s voice over Kamiya Hiroshi’s voice work from All-Star battle and other media. I just can’t put my finger on it, he sounds way too young.

Koichi runs into Hazemada and they surprisingly hit it off well when they discover that they both admire the works of Kishibe Rohan, a prolific manga artist who apparently lives in the area, according to some people he overheard. The two decide to visit and as Koichi attempts to ring the doorbell, Rohan pops out of the door to stop him and gives one hell of a nasty stare. But, Rohan lets go of the hand and becomes rather welcoming to an extent after the two reveal themselves to be big fans of his works and he invites them inside for their autograph.


Inside, the unexpected duo hear how Rohan is able to work extremely quickly and spends a good amount of time sightseeing to gain inspiration. This leads to Rohan revealing his creativity with his realistic elements being a key part in his success. The conversation stops abruptly when Rohan picks off a spider from the duo and immediately goes to his bookshelf to analyze it. Soon enough, Rohan begins to lick it and Hazamada has the right reaction to puke a bit and Rohan takes interest in the expression of disgust and tries to draw it. But as soon as Hazamada forces the face again, Rohan loses interest. The latter soon leaves to get them tea and Hazamada and Koichi both agree that the situation is quite off and Koichi wishes to leave. Hazamada agrees but only after they take a peek in the manuscript that Rohan had mentioned that he recently finished. The two take a glimpse and become physically enamored from its composition and Rohan reveals himself that they are compatible with his “abilities” and reveals his ability, Heaven’s Door, that opens the duo’s face and body parts like pages of a book.


Rohan reads Koichi’s life and Hazamada’s but takes interest in Koichi’s experiences from since he met Josuke and wishes to use his memories as a basis for his manga. Retaliation on Koichi’s end is futile as Rohan had utilized Heaven’s Door to inhibit Koichi from harming Rohan and soon enough, Koichi’s memories are replaced into content memories from his initial visit to Rohan’s house and he finds himself going back to the latter’s house the day after. Josuke and Okuyasu however, notice something wrong and decide to investigate.

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