Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 13- Set Ups Galore

It only takes one episode for Joseph to somewhat make-up for the 16 years he wasn’t with Josuke, well, just a bit. Shizuka’s appearance doesn’t really do much but add a side-character and make up for Joseph and Josuke’s lost time and other than that, we move straight onto one of the other highlights of Part 4 involving our 4th man in the group, Rohan. But all that stuff comes next time so let’s get our little mini-arc out of here.

Jotaro recovers the arrow and a bit of information from Akira but the story quickly shifts towards Josuke and Old Joseph, with the latter’s senility becoming quite a nuisance to Josuke. Josuke calls his house on a payphone to confirm his mother being at home and warns Joseph that he will not allow the two to meet in fear of his mother’s reaction to Joseph’s return and Joseph solemnly promises not to cause the family too much trouble. As Josuke finishes the call, he finds Joseph missing and quickly chases after a bus that he mistakenly got on. A few ways near the freeway, Josuke is understandably out of breath and Joseph apologizes for not paying attention. as Josuke catches his breath, Joseph finds something strange near the puddle of mud. Joseph finds hand and foot prints and after his cane is knocked away, becomes convinced that a Stand user is nearby. Josuke brushes this off as the old man’s senility again but after a vicious dog comes by to bark at some empty space, Joseph quickly utilizes Hermit Purple to save the “child” and shoos away the dog.


Sure enough, Joseph sensed right and is holding an invisible baby in his hands and even Josuke is convinced after he hears its cries after Joseph exclaims what they’ve run into. They deduce that the baby is lost and its Stand powers awoke when it was alone, causing it to turn itself invisible. The two try to help the baby and head to a nearby shop to buy some baby products and Josuke offers to keep the baby and stay outside, in fear of the rumors that might spread if a 16 year-old had a child. Joseph’s indecision and the pushiness of the store clerk has him use an inordinate amount of money for the baby but Josuke doesn’t bother to look at the receipt at the moment as he tries to get themselves away from the store’s vicinity.

Stand King

A few days down, the two put some clothes and some make up on the baby but soon enough, the baby starts crying and Joseph’s hands disappear as he holds the crying infant. He puts the baby on the stroller and even that disappears and as a passerby unsuspectingly flicks a cigarette, Joseph catches it in mid-air but sends the stroller down the hill, causing the baby to make “invisible holes” in the landscape as it rolls down. Josuke yells at Joseph to stay put and he chases after the stroller and the two hear a noise that signifies the stroller getting knocked over and they soon hear a splash in the nearby pond. Josuke finds it futile to find an invisible baby underwater and Joseph calmly states the he might end up dying in a few moments and hopes that Josuke will send his regards to his mother as he cuts his wrist to let the blood murk up the water to help find the baby. Joseph’s plan works and Josuke is able to locate the infant as well as develop a newfound respect towards the old man. Soon after, Joseph sees the receipt and goes mad while Joseph has seemingly taken the responsibility in keeping the baby.

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