Music of the Week #246

What a great feeling


If you’ve followed my weekly Wednesday posts, you could have realized at how I haven’t played a single “new” game for around 2-3 years. I’ve only been replaying older games I never finished or playing remasters. Last week, I stated how I got some newer games in my roster and Darksiders was the first to bat and man, I’ve been hooked for real and I sank in sleepless nights with it farming weapon masteries and collectibles. I plan on platinuming it as soon as possible to get to playing Darksiders 2.

Anyway, I’m late on last week’s recap so excuse me while I get to it. Let’s get to this week’s theme, which is showcases the stellar multiplayer of Bomberman 64 with the battle select theme while setting up the 4-man mad bomber run.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11- Okuyasu’s Test

I’m predicting that Akira’s arc is going to take two episodes, might be three in all honesty but the fight with Akira doesn’t even take all that long but the part with Joseph might drag out a bit more than it has to. Either way, we’re real close to getting to the real meat of Part 4 afterwards.

So let’s get the hilariously less evil in hindsight villain’s arc out of the way.

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Music of the Week #245

Game Time


Went down to a mall nearly an hour away to play some Blazblue Centralfiction and I still cannot seem to adjust to Arcade/Control Stick set ups. Still played Naoto and had decent fun. Also got to play some of that Koihime Musou fighter, except it wasn’t the new one so I got a bit interested in that too. But I’m mostly focused on Darksiders 1+2, Sleeping Dogs, and Under Night In Birth so I have a lot to do in my free-time if the Summer season proves disappointing.

Anyway, this week’s theme is the final theme in Sirius’ final phase where Regulus drops in to help you fight him. Something I regrettably never knew since I didn’t know the Rainbow Palace even existed.

Spring Anime 2016 Week 10

Only now do I realize how spaced apart these series reviews are going to be in the next 2-5 weeks. Hundred is going to be slightly annoying since I honestly didn’t really watch too much of it to really give it a “critical” look at it like I did with the previous harems going on. I don’t even think it’s me being critical but just having a chip on my shoulder for it.

I dread to think that I might have to watch it again to actually have a legitimate opinion. Oh well, let’s continue.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 10: Little Shop of Italian Food

The next “most anticipated fight” after Keicho finally arrives and it was as great as I’d ever wanted it to be. The amount of reaction faces this episode has is astounding.

While it’s a similar arc to Tamami, Hazamada, and Yukako, I think Tonio’s fight really hammers home the feel of Part 4 and it’s entire slice of life style it takes down. Which is hilarious because we tackle possibly yet another 3-parter with Akira Otoishi’s Red Hot Chili Peppers coming in for the next few weeks.

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Spring Anime 2016 Week 9

Another week passes by where we cross the 3/4th line of the season. Honestly though, I’m not exactly all that excited for the Summer season since Summer in particular is rarely ever good. It’s around this time I feel the secondary arcs end and they set up for the final arcs so I hope to see some exciting stuff for next week since rushed endings more often than not ruin most series.

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Music of the Week #244



Been busy the past few days so didn’t have that much time to catch up with the weekly recap. Thankfully binge watching is a thing and I still managed to get everything typed up last night so all it needs is some pictures and its good to go. Not much else going on other than watching my friend finally start playing Dark Souls but his horrible tendencies has him constantly dying to the Black Knight in the Asylum, oh well, hopefully he gets some more motivation.

Anyways, this week’s theme is yet another theme I didn’t know existed and it plays during the first phase of the rematch with Sirius after he retrieves his Omnicube. Honestly, I can’t say too much since I personally never experienced this fight, much less the entire existence of any content past Altair’s 2nd form.