Hundred- I’ve seen this one a hundred times

Man, I have been waiting all season to make that joke. At this point, everybody must have had thought of that at least once.

Production IMS has come a long way since DAL 2. I assume all those BD sales from Shinmai Maou raked in all the dough for them to make a few more regular series that look pretty decent without any sort of promises of BD’s fixing all their visual hiccups. But visual quality alone can’t make up for a series and today, we’ll be looking at this season’s other harem series simply called, Hundred.

The Setting

Hundred primarily takes place on a Final Fantasy 8/Girls Und Panzer-esque battleship-academy named Little Garden that trains students to become Slayers, who are basically soldiers who utilize the titular Hundred technology to fight against monsters called Savages. Kisaragi Hayato is our prolific entrant to said academy and proves himself rather famous after standing up for two late students and competing in a duel with the Student Council President, Claire Harvey. Along with the Student Council, Hayato is paired up with Emile Hermit and his upstart new life as a Slayer begins.

I don’t think I really need to go over my gripes with this sort of setting again. It practically has everything crossed out on the list, hell it even added a rare trope of having our protagonist already be slightly famous before he even enters the school. Cue the battle with a strong, female member on an opposing, authority based misconduct and have him prove himself in front of the whole school. The list goes on and honestly, it actually gets worse, at least it does for me.

The Characters

Hundred Characters

Kisaragi Hayato is apparently someone that EVERYONE needs to refer to by his full name that got really old by the half-way point of the show. He wasn’t painfully generic and had minimal (which is still a lot by these standards) amounts of actually entertaining scenes, but I just can’t approve of that robocop helmet he gets whenever he powers up. Emile is the reason why this series was referred to as a “Fixed Infinite Stratos” because instead of having the overly violent, tsundere childhood friend, we have the significantly nicer, cross-dressing reverse trap as our main female lead. Even so, I find her presence insulting to the MC’s presence since he never catches on to the fact that Emile is a girl until some solid evidence is shown. Claire was the uppity, run of the mill Student Council President whose only noteworthy of wearing that tightsuit with her hilarious bodily proportions, which happens includes her hair. What’s more hilarious is her posse which involves a brown girl not really worth insulting, the token lesbian who wants to get up Claire’s skirt, and most unexpectedly, a shota who does her every bidding.

The rest of the crew don’t have that much to go by other than the other duo with the blonde dude and the midget brunette who were at least around to show off that not all girls went for the MC. The little sister wasn’t really all that cute or significant and only existed to be a compliment towards the idol character, who I really didn’t care for other than her extremely revealing performer outfit. Other than that, we have the quintessential loli scientist that sucks on candy and her busty robo-maid as well as brown trio who I didn’t really care for either other than the “Trace on” aspects being easily compared to Archer from Fate. Not too many characters honestly stood out and I didn’t even have any characters that I continued watching this for, surprising for me honestly.

The Presentation

You know when a serious is mediocre when all you have about it is fanservice pictures.
You know when a serious is mediocre when all you have about it is fanservice pictures.

If there are going to be any commendations to this series, they put some serious work on the ending songs and had at least 3-4 different variations. IMS did some good work in making some characters look half decent and not require BDs to look anywhere near acceptable in that regard. But even then, their artwork-adaptation in the anime with the LN’s pale in comparison. The actions scenes were actually plentiful but as boring as they were, at least they didn’t hold back on the action portion of the series. It’s also acceptable in the fact that they’re fighting monsters instead of fighting each other in non-lethal battles so the semi-serious setting is somewhat appreciated. But to be perfectly fair, the serious portion ends there since it seems like the entire complex is run by kids and the aforementioned “checklist” of tropes got fulfilled really easily. Don’t even get me started on the whole idol thing because that’s something that annoys me greatly on why an idol has to be involved in this whole affair. Naturally, I disregarded the sister entirely because of this.

Progression wise, it was just the basic introduction arc and then a good chunk of time was devoted to the idol which I already stated I don’t really like. Asterisk somehow pulled something decent where the idol character actually was the more interesting character but that’s probably because everyone else was so dreadfully boring. But the idol girl actually did turn out slightly more likable because for one, she didn’t need to appear blatantly as a reverse trap which others mistook for a homosexual relationship for laughs and also not REFER TO THE MC WITH HIS FULL NAME. I can’t tell you enough how annoying this got and thankfully, she didn’t do it. Then the progression shifted to setting up Claire’s background with her brother and little sister but it came at a point so late that I stopped caring since I know we wouldn’t find out and given how things were going, I wasn’t particularly drawn into the series at all.

The Verdict


Hundred is actually one of the more average series among the ones that have aired. I compare them to Asterisk and Bahamut, where it was a lot more “engaging” than the borefest Asterisk turned out to be and it wasn’t as personally insulting as Bahamut where it’s astute position on presenting its oh-so important plot wasn’t as comparably bad. The serious stuff did happen and its setting called for it but once again, lack of any adult authority figures and the fact that an idol duo had to be so integral to the atmosphere really felt off. The visuals and music were above average but once again, that alone won’t really save the series from too much. The music itself didn’t really strike a chord with me but for those who did, I assume you won’t be forgetting this series for a bit.

It’s one of those “average” highschool harems that is admittedly entertaining to an extent and moves at a brisk enough pace. It was slightly more entertaining than Asterisk and its semi-serious setting had a bit more weight to it than Bahamut, and I would be confident in saying that Hundred is above the two in their respective regards. So for once, yeah, an average harem with its only major flaws just being repetitive in their execution but that’s usually always the case.

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