Spring Anime 2016 Week 12

I’ll keep things short than normal/short as per usual since there’s nothing all that new at this point than what has already been said multiple times for the past few weeks.

Make way for the Series Reviews after this, which will be my main goal in trying to get done in the next few days.

Hundred (11)

What’s new? The festival arc gets promptly attacked by an intruder who frees the brown triplets and sends everyone into action. Nothing all that exciting or new here.

Kabaneri (10)


Takumi finally dies, here I thought Kibito would be the first to go since he’s the “big guy who will probably face a challenge of strength at the cost of his life to save others” that happens a lot. Either way, some serious stuff goes down and as much as I notice some similar patterns from the series, I can’t come to hate the whole fact that we’re still doing all this stuff on some enormous trains.

Sakamoto (10)

Jazz for your soul

Probably one of the better episodes of the series that not only involved Sakamoto at the top of his swagger, but also getting Hayabusa involved in the 2nd half with him trying to ridiculously act prim and proper in order for his father to try and get a relationship started with a upper class lady. Plus that freaking arm sax.

Ace Attorney (12)

Investigations turn on the prosecutor’s end as Karuma seems to have been the one to have been behind the case from the start, the one who instigated the murder case involving EdgeSurugi’s father. I personally wouldn’t have found out so it was pretty entertaining to see.

Hero Academia (12)


All Might comes in to save the day and our 4 upstart heroes in the making is able to save him from a pinch. All Might’s full showcase of the re-enacted opening sequence was a sight to see, especially with this series’ track record in music. It’s probably one of the greatest parts of this adaptation.

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