Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 12- An End of an Arc

Consider this, Akira only did what he did because he didn’t want to finish school, work hard at all, and mostly did petty crimes like stealing shit. Aside from a few out-of-character-in-hindsight murders, he really wasn’t all that much of a villain. But the series itself, at least the anime adaptation here, recognized this and had two doses of foreshadowing for those keen enough to notice.

At Morioh port, the crew gather around the bay to come up with a plan to protect Joseph Joestar arriving in town in a span of a few minutes. Josuke and Okuyasu inspect the speedboat and Jotaro decides to take Okuyasu with him on the speedboat to get to the boat with Joseph onboard while Koichi and Josuke stay behind to try and find RHCP’s Stand user who will most likely take something like, a pinpointed guess by Jotaro, an RC plane to get to him first. Okuyasu and Jotaro head off while the other duo stay behind as their tense situation begins.


But the tense situation doesn’t last long as RHCP’s user reveals himself outright. Otoishi Akira shows himself with, indeed, an RC plane and realizes that Jotaro must have realized his plan to assassinate Joseph from an aerial path. Akira deduces that it would take 8-10 minutes for Jotaro’s speedboat to get to Joseph’s cruiseboat while it would take his RC Spitfire even shorter, leaving him some leeway time to deal with Koichi and Josuke. Akira also shows off his skills with the guitar and states that his dream is to become a popular guitarist and somehow, that career path involves killing people with his stand. Either way, Akira boldly states that he will deal with Josuke’s Crazy Diamond with his pinky, much like he did with The Hand and Josuke quickly punches the pinky finger, dealing some immense damage to Akira’s own. However, Akira lets off the pain by playing a sick riff on his guitar and the actual fight begins.


RHCP out-speeds Crazy Diamond’s own by teleporting from sinkhole to sinkhole and taking potshots at Josuke, injuring him immensely. Koichi attempts to help guide Josuke’s hits by the speed is too fast for any of them to outthink. Josuke’s attacks hit the ground and spreads tar all over the playing field and Koichi realizes the plan of attack and as RHCP emerges from a hole, he is caught by the tar and a clean hit is landed. Akira gets angry and charges RHCP with all the power from the city and Josuke is sent flying, but the debris around his landing site are restored into a tire where it traps RHCP. The enemy stand breaks through, only to have the air propel it into the water, short circuiting it and dispersing its power. Akira faints standing up and the scene shifts to Jotaro and Okuyasu, with the latter meeting an old Joseph. However, Akira gets onboard after swimming his way to the boat and Koichi quickly reveals the news. Okuyasu is caught in the middle of the blame game after an SPW Foundation employee and a disguised Akira accuse each other of being the intruder and Okuyasu nails Akira in the mouth with a hefty punch and reveals that he found out because his first punch was lucky since he intended on hitting both of them. Joseph arrives safely and Josuke walks with him after his walking stick breaks.

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