Spring Anime 2016 Week 11

Really behind on this one and for a few series, I think their finales are coming along this week. We’ll see how those end up and I’ll get the series reviews up and running appropriately. But things are all shaping up toward a resemblance of a finale, as they all should. I’m still wondering what series are going to be 12 episodes or 13 though.

Hundred (10)

Oh boy, a school festival episode. And of course, most of this is focused on moe moe imouto-chan’s debut as an idol as well as maid shenanigans. Not much to say here other than that I agree with the brown triplets, what the hell are these people thinking?

Kabaneri (9)


Biba unleashes one of his subordinates infected with some serious Kabaneri blood after staging a coup on the station the crew rests at. Mumei has no idea how to accept her “brother’s” actions but Ikoma is unable to do anything as well. Seems to me that Biba is a regular case “revenge aficionado” with his intentions seemingly be all for revenge against the shogun for letting him become what he is.

Sakamoto (9)


Everyone recounts the ridiculous ways they first encountered Sakamoto, with Kubota’s being the most mundane in his mind but the girls envy the near wedding-ring proposal scenario the two shared. More importantly, Kubota gets sick and his mother secretly attends school as him after she finds out Sakamoto still exists in the real world. She was a lot less creepy and that’s a good thing.

Asterisk (11)

A new character that is vital to Julis’ character shows up but when there’s only so many episodes left, I couldn’t care all that much about her. Julis also described herself pretty well this episode too, she was an unstable bitch.

Ace Attorney (11)

The bird of all things help out the investigation as well as the old dude from before with information regarding the related case of Edgesurugi’s father. In the end, it turns out that the old boatman was indeed the one who framed the murder on Edgesurugi

Hero Academia (11)

Eraser Head

The struggle continues and 13 is beaten while Iida is able to make it outside to tell the news to the school. Aizawa gets his shit kicked in but he’s amazingly durable when it comes to protecting others. Seeing the combat oriented students finally fight was good to see and hopefully we get more stuff like this to come with the literal villains being introduced and all.

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