Music of the Week #246

What a great feeling


If you’ve followed my weekly Wednesday posts, you could have realized at how I haven’t played a single “new” game for around 2-3 years. I’ve only been replaying older games I never finished or playing remasters. Last week, I stated how I got some newer games in my roster and Darksiders was the first to bat and man, I’ve been hooked for real and I sank in sleepless nights with it farming weapon masteries and collectibles. I plan on platinuming it as soon as possible to get to playing Darksiders 2.

Anyway, I’m late on last week’s recap so excuse me while I get to it. Let’s get to this week’s theme, which is showcases the stellar multiplayer of Bomberman 64 with the battle select theme while setting up the 4-man mad bomber run.