Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11- Okuyasu’s Test

I’m predicting that Akira’s arc is going to take two episodes, might be three in all honesty but the fight with Akira doesn’t even take all that long but the part with Joseph might drag out a bit more than it has to. Either way, we’re real close to getting to the real meat of Part 4 afterwards.

So let’s get the hilariously less evil in hindsight villain’s arc out of the way.

Josuke fails at playing video games and turns off the TV after dying but finds the TV not turning off. Red Hot Chili Peppers phases out of the TV screen and Crazy Diamond exchanges some strikes and RHCP sees that Josuke’s Stand is growing in strength similar to his own. He decides to stay out of this for now as he states that Jotaro is his biggest threat. The next day, the usual trio are called out to a remote area near the hills without any electricity by Jotaro where he informs them of RHCP’s appearance. Okuyasu gets angered at the mere mention of his brother’s killer and Jotaro calms him down and states that the person who will prove instrumental in finding RHCP’s user will arrive in Morioh Bay tomorrow.


Turns out that Okuyasu’s motorcycle housed RHCP all along and the stand materializes, announcing that he has heard everything and aims to kill whoever arrives in the bay at the appointed time. The team prepare to chase him down but Okuyasu takes front and center in avenging his brother. The Hand’s speed proves inferior to RHCP’s but its abilities still apply even if it misses. Okuyasu is able to disable his own motorcycle and corners RHCP, depriving it of its primary medium of electricity and weakening it. In the weakened state, RHCP messes with Okuyasu’s head and makes him second guess himself by telling him he might be pretending to be weak on purpose. As the rest of the crew catches up, Okuyasu gets angered beyond reason and goes for the killing blow. The Hand’s speed once again proves itself to be its weakest link as its powers scrape the ground, revealing power lines underneath and allowing RHCP to recharge itself and slice off The Hand’s right hand, mirroring its damage on Okuyasu’s own right hand.


RHCP drags Okuyasu through the powers to share the same fate as his brother and only Koichi is the one to scream in horror about his friend’s certain demise. Josuke and Jotaro don’t seem all that fazed and soon enough, Josuke works Crazy Diamond’s abilities to bring Okuyasu back using the severed hand. Jotaro and Josuke prepare to leave for the docks while Koichi complains about them being too calm in the situation and Okuyasu himself contemplates on surpassing his brother.

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