Spring Anime 2016 Week 10

Only now do I realize how spaced apart these series reviews are going to be in the next 2-5 weeks. Hundred is going to be slightly annoying since I honestly didn’t really watch too much of it to really give it a “critical” look at it like I did with the previous harems going on. I don’t even think it’s me being critical but just having a chip on my shoulder for it.

I dread to think that I might have to watch it again to actually have a legitimate opinion. Oh well, let’s continue.

Hundred (9)

A fight episode that doesn’t have much to say on, Claire and Emile are apparently really powerful, and the brown triplets have a sob story. Then they’re to work together and to bring out Claire’s full power, the MC is asked to kiss her. Same old, same old.

Kabaneri (8)


Biba and his ace squad of hunters are complete asshats with Biba the biggest asshat being himself. Having used Kabane’s to create a procedure to create Kabaneri’s, Ikoma becomes immediately convinced in a single episode where he finds Biba smiling when he executes a former comrade and how he’s keeping a large cage filled with Kabanes in his train. To make matters worse, he’s convincing Mumei that everyone else is lying to her. Can’t wait to see this pretty boy get pierced.

Sakamoto (8)

Party Time

A slightly more serious episode where two classmates in Sakamoto’s class feel like outcasts and heed the words of a mysterious, troublemaking third-year. They sabotage their class’s display for the festival and pin the blame on Sakamoto. Meanwhile, 2nd Best Character in the series Hayabusa had an unfortunate run-in with the third-year described previously, Fukase and decides to bail Sakamoto out and helps him counteract Fukase’s little game. I always love honorable thugs like Hayabusa, he really shined this episode and it’s nice to get something slightly more serious, even if it is somewhat ridiculous.

Asterisk (10)

The funny thing to consider is that Asterisk was boring even when there’s fighting going on and it’s even more boring when there isn’t a fight to be had. The squeaky voices are also really starting to get tiring to hear, but I feel like I’ve said that one before too.

Ace Attorney (10)

An encounter with an extremely unreliable and old witness has the court confirm EdgeSurugi’s hand in the murder but LaHari jumps in to give is own testimony where his radio recital has PhoenixHodo confirm a key point in time of the murder and they finally pin the guilt-pin on the old man from before, who just happened to disappear from the court. I honestly would not have been able to figure any of this out but I guess they make it this way since not all of the evidence is given at first.

Hero Academia (10)


Aizawa goes full badass and Ebon from Static Shock separates everyone and forces them to defend themselves. Frog Girl, Deku, and Balls for Hair get stuck and while I thought the latter’s powers were completely useless, they actually turned out quite alright in detaining their adversaries. I swear, this series’ OST is amazing.

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