Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 10: Little Shop of Italian Food

The next “most anticipated fight” after Keicho finally arrives and it was as great as I’d ever wanted it to be. The amount of reaction faces this episode has is astounding.

While it’s a similar arc to Tamami, Hazamada, and Yukako, I think Tonio’s fight really hammers home the feel of Part 4 and it’s entire slice of life style it takes down. Which is hilarious because we tackle possibly yet another 3-parter with Akira Otoishi’s Red Hot Chili Peppers coming in for the next few weeks.

Okuyasu convinces an not-so hungry Josuke to accompany him to a newly opened Italian restaurant just past his brother’s grave. They enter and Josuke questions the sign that reads that the food will be decided upon by the chef. The two enter and are introduced to the proprietor of the restaurant and its sole worker, Tonio Trussardi. The foreign chef welcomes to the two and leads them to their seats and learn that there are only two tables since he can only manage two tables by himself. He brings them water and explains to Okuyasu that instead of a menu, he will decide what the customer eats. The duo is confused and Tonio examines Okuyasu’s hands and identifies a number of symptoms and leaves to prepare food for the stunned duo.

Disdain for plebs

Okuyasu takes a sip of water and exclaims how good it is and Josuke acknowledges the claim as the water they’re drinking feels so immeasurably immaculate that he begins to cry. Josuke can’t believe that Okuyasu is crying over water but sees that the whites of his eyes are shriveling up with the amount of tears flowing out and gets nervous. Tonio comes out to explain the water’s source and its cleansing effects and much to Josuke’s surprise, he turns his head toward Okuyasu to find the latter completely alright, saying that his eyes feel like they’ve had a full sleep. Next comes the antipasto of mozarella and tomato slices which has Okuyasu doubtful but soon has him screaming at how amazing it tastes. The next weird effects comes into play as Okuyasu begins to feel itchy and endlessly scratches his neck and shoulder where an enormous amount of dead skin falls off to a point where Josuke makes a softball out of the amount of skin he’s shed. But it turns out that Okuyasu’s stiff shoulders are now alleviated.

Pearl Jam

The same deal continues with a spicy spaghetti that has Okuyasu reluctant to try it but he continues licking it while Josuke goes on about how Tonio must be a Stand user and that something iffy is with the food being served. Okuyasu’s licking soon becomes rapid consumption and two of his teeth fall out, more specifically, the two with cavities. Josuke decides to utilize Crazy Diamond to revert the spaghetti into what it was before and finds tiny beings inside it as they fly back into the kitchen and Josuke follows suite. Josuke finds Tonio in the back of the kitchen feeding a puppy some lamb meat before its innards fly out of its mouth and its belly erupts and Tonio turns to find Josuke inside the kitchen and becomes furious. Josuke has a knife thrown at the wall beside him and finds Okuyasu chomping down on the main lamb meat dish and watches his own innards burst out. But as Tonio approaches Josuke with an extremely angry face, he hands him a bar of soap and yells at him for entering a kitchen with unwashed hands. Josuke is stunned and Okuyasu shouts at how his upset stomach is now cured as well. Josuke is finally convinced that all Tonio wants is to make delicious food while healing people of their health issues and he learns that the duo are Stand users as well. Nonetheless, Okuyasu gets flan for dessert while Josuke washes the kitchen. Elsewhere, by a cliff overlooking the sea, Jotaro is approached by a man from the Speedwagon Foundation that someone will be arriving in Morioh by boat.

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