Spring Anime 2016 Week 9

Another week passes by where we cross the 3/4th line of the season. Honestly though, I’m not exactly all that excited for the Summer season since Summer in particular is rarely ever good. It’s around this time I feel the secondary arcs end and they set up for the final arcs so I hope to see some exciting stuff for next week since rushed endings more often than not ruin most series.

Hundred (8)

A mostly action filled episode with focus on Claire. Even then, I still can’t get over how THEY KEEP REFERRING TO EACH OTHER WITH FULL NAMES. But other than that, Claire finally gets some depth added to her while Emilia is keep going to lose points if Claudia continues to exist. Also, Claudia can go hang herself.

Kabaneri (7)


A calm episode that gives our crew a well-earned rest at the first safe station we’ve seen. Tanabata is still apparently a thing so everyone decides to relax and Ikoma gets to learn more about Mumei and vows that he’ll try and save her by returning her humanity. Aside from finally seeing everyone calm the hell down and even see Kurusu act like a decent human being, we finally meet Mumei’s “brother” which will inevitably be the biggest thing to set up for the next “arc”.

Sakamoto (7)


Sakamoto maneuvering around the entire video store to avoid glances of a semi-hostage situation trade goes on between a DVD he needs in exchange for taking out some porn DVDs for the opposite party. The fanning and overly done respect towards Sakamoto is never tiring to see and the “revolution” in trying to usurp his constant attention-grabbing moves. The conclusion was also touching, in a way.

Ace Attorney (9)

The trial begins for EdgeSurugi with Karuma Go as the prosecutor as PhoenixHodo as the defense and the former commands the trial for a swift end until PhoneixHodo is given a single chance to ask their singular witness during cross examination. During this time, the lack of a good question to ask forces Mayoi to blurt something out and a better reference photo of the scene is given which contradicts the detective’s earlier testimony, successfully delaying the trial for more evidence.

Asterisk (9)

A boring finale where Ayato gains his personal sword form after Julis helps him realize his inner potential and just beats the fused robot in a single bout. Not much else to go on but the tournament is finally freaking over and I can’t imagine if this thing can survive without setting up for another tourney.

Hero Academia (9)


Class representative voting goes on with Deku making it instead of anyone else who would have expected to have been elected but attention soon switches over to Iida, who as Ochako says, wears glasses and is best fit to be the class inchou. Either way, hero business comes to an end when the “villains” finally appear in masse in front of the class and Aizawa prepares for combat.

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