Music of the Week #241

And on we go


It’s hilarious to consider how me not wanting to sit through episodes of Cerberus led to slightly more detailed weekly recaps, here’s hoping I feel like writing more and better quality stuff each week. Jojo is stepping into the weekly enemy basis but that’ll change once we get to Yukako, who DavidPro has made really really nice looking compared to how creepy she looked in the manga. That being said, can’t wait til she makes her angry face.

This week’s theme is an unexpectedly badass boss battle theme where we fight against the leader of the masked trio, Altair. He is joined by his drone companion, Vega and they gang up on your. Sadly enough, Altair himself has no cool abilities like Orion or Regulus and his entire gimmick is Vega. Nonetheless, a surprisingly cool theme for a cool looking boss that isn’t all that tough.

Spring Anime 2016 Week 6

Honestly, when you watch something for six weeks but always end up just skipping through it or just not finding the need to watch it, I’ve decided to drop Cerberus.

And hilariously enough, I had enough time to actually be ahead of schedule and actually got some slightly lengthier passages in so good on me for that. Dropping a single series has given me less on my mind because of how much of a drag Cerberus was to digest. Anyways, here’s this week’s recap as we somewhat enter the halfway point of Spring.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 6: Let it Begin

I guess it would be understandable not to show Echoes Act 1 in the OP since it was going to be revealed anyway. David Productions had me worried with their 3-episode rendition of the Nijimura’s Arc but thankfully, we don’t need to waste time with the two weakest “fights” in Part 4. This week, we got Tamami Kobayashi and The Lock and next week we similarly got another one-episode fight with Toshizaku Hazemada.

And wow, looking back, Koichi’s development went through a lot faster than I initially thought. Also, as much as I don’t want to complain about the new visuals, I really hope something happens with Koichi’s fat nose.

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Music of the Week #240

And the hammer falls


Seisen Cerberus is definitely something I would like to enjoy because we honestly don’t have enough actual fantasy settings without the protagonist dying and reincarnating. It’s a shame but you can only do so much when you’re not even feeling up to watching an episode every week. Anyways, this season still has a lot of stuff I’m watching so there’s some good to that. But at this point in the week, I’m too hype for Civil War to talk about anything else so I’ll see ya’ll on Friday or Saturday with Koichi and Tamami.

This week’s theme is another one of my favorites, the “final” world of Bomberman 64, the Black Fortress. When I was younger, I thought it was a full sprawling cityscape with the first level having a traffic section. Haven’t been able to see it clearly all that well nowadays but it definitely made it feel enormous. To make sure the final boss was the leader of the bad guys, Altair, the 2nd stage boss is a big tank-like machine. Altair’s theme is also a damn nice theme so we’ll get that next time.

Spring Anime 2016 Week 5

Finally a week without delays and hiccups, took us quite a bit to get back on track.

The episode count is pretty varied all around due to said delays but we’re nearing the halfway point of the season. I hear that BnHA is actually going to be one of those longer adaptations but I could be wrong. The only thing I intend to continue without a shadow of doubt is Jojo but there’s only one real series that has the risk of getting dropped by the end of this week so we’ll see how that turns out.

But it’s good to be back on track after all this time.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 5: Explanations Galore

They actually did it, they extended the entirety of that post-fight explanation with Keicho into an entire episode. But to be perfectly fair with you, the photo scene got me pretty hard since these family based tragedies and reconciliations are my weakpoints. But hot damn, they made the Nijimura Bros arc into 3 whole episodes. Thankfully, it seems like Echos/The Lock will be one episode, hopefully it stays the same for Surface.

Special props to the OST for making me feel really sad about the bros.

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