Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 9: Act Two

Yukako’s arc comes to and end and we “conclude” on the smaller portions of the first half of Part 4, at least not counting next week’s episode which happens to be one of my most anticipated “fights” after Keicho’s Bad Company. We still have one more regular character introduction in the future but we’ll get there when the time comes so let’s focus on our resident yandere for now.

Koichi continues his ultra-sheltered life in captivity from Yukako and she leaves to pick up some groceries which makes Koichi wonder if there’s a supermarket nearby. Since she’s gone, Koichi uses Echoes to scout the area and finds a payphone that Yukako probably uses to order the food to the house instead. Echoes moves ahead to the payphone but Koichi remembers he has no coins to use it properly and Yukako catches on to what he was doing. As Yukako finds this going on, she instead goes to the pay phone to make a call but Echoes’ words dial the number first to Josuke’s home, and the waves crashing by the cliffs clue Josuke and Okuyasu in on Koichi’s location.

Act 2

Yukako’s angry return home has Koichi try and fight back and finally convince her for real that he’s not interested in someone like her and Koichi’s words literally fall on deaf ears as even Echoes’ abilities cannot seem to convince Yukako that she can be hated by him. Yukako unleashes her hair against the small barricade Koichi puts up and Echoes reverts back to a shell which freaks the hell out of Koichi but soon enough, the chrysalis breaks open to reveal a new Echoes, Act 2 and it’s abilities bring “words to life” and the onomatopoeia sends Yukako flying back away from the house again. Josuke and Okuyasu finally arrive by taxi and they begin to investigate the area.


Yukako’s hair once again flourishes and surrounds the entirety of the house and Koichi baits himself and gets caught, only for the words on his back to activate and send Yukako flying back for the 2nd time. Yukako gets so angry that her hair turns completely white and she decides to target Echoes Act 2 instead but this time, instead of being thrown back, the cliff she landed on begins to break apart from the larger portion. But Koichi had already placed some words on top of the sharp rocks at the bottom which fling Yukako back onto the cliff and Koichi leaves after Yukako is left speechless at how Koichi still managed to care about her wellbeing even after ALL THIS SHIT.

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