Spring Anime 2016 Week 8

Late but still going through at top speed.

The good stuff get better while the boring stuff remain trite, nothing new going around here and not like I expect the boring stuff to suddenly become great all of a sudden. I also find it pretty annoying at how all the stuff I’m watching doesn’t seem to add up all that much with the “Week of [Insert Number here]” stuff I’m doing thanks to a load of stuff happening this season.

Either way, I’d hate to be behind so let’s get going.

Hundred (7)

It is beyond me why the obligatory swimsuit episode also doubled as the one of the largest exposition dumps in the series. At least it was Hosoya’s voice doing the explaining. So apparently, the entirety of the academy-city-battleship is powered by their little sister somehow

Kabaneri (6)


Picking up from last episode, Ikoma and Mumei fall into the deeper parts of the facility while the rest of the soldiers decide if they want to save them or not. Mumei has a flashback that details her mentality but Ikoma’s insistence on saving her and getting them back to the train lights something in her that slowly but surely bores its way into her head that she isn’t all that “useless” and “weak” as she thinks she is. The soldiers do turn up to be some good fellows as they save both of them and get back on the train to deal with the “fused colony” Kabane. For this reason, not only did they double back to save our duo, but they picked up a nifty cannon to help against it. The train speeds up while drawing in the large Kabane and the cannonfire break away the surrounding protection near its heart and Mumei, who finally got her shit together, pulls off the kill. But as soon as that ends, the accumulated speed has everyone leaning to one side as to avoid derailing the train.

Sakamoto (6)


While not as riotous as the previous episode, the first half was still entertaining but I mostly accredit the soundtrack for keeping my attention. The second half has to do with our resident stalker and her attempts to “protect” Sakamoto while concealing her secret hobby of taking pictures of him. Nothing has hilariously overdone but better things are to come anyway.

Asterisk (8)

A rather boring fight takes place in the tourny’s final match where the male robot won’t shut the hell up and Ayato and Julis can’t do anything against it. Kirin and Saya fight this ninja who kicks their asses but he also gets destroyed by the end of it all. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling anything for this drawn out tournament at all when the most exciting fight was against mooks in the first episode.

Ace Attorney (8)

PhoenixHodo has little to do after solving their previous case and hopes for something to come his way as a Christmas rolls in. Lo and behold their new potential client, EdgeSurugi. The latter was supposedly found at the scene of the crime at a nearby lake and was accused of being the murderer. With his prestigious state scaring off other defenses, PhoenixHodo decides that he has to be the one to do it. Further investigation has the problem rooted deeply with both EdgeSurugi and Maya(oi)’s own past as well.

Hero Academia (8)


The rest of the evaluations go through and Deku is plenty admired by his classmates after his recovery. The point of the episode was mostly focusing on Bakugo’s enormous dent that got put on his pride and how he has finally experienced defeat and muttered the words “next time, I’ll do better” or something around those lines. Nice to see him not be a complete sod after losing but as the title clearly stated, his path to become a hero has finally started.

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