Spring Anime 2016 Week 7

Now we have most series hitting the half-way point of the season and I find myself legitimately liking what I’m watching with the sole exception of the two harem series (of course) but even then, there’s something to be gained from watching something you don’t particularly like I feel.

But it was an enjoyable week nonetheless, even those harems series had something going for them this time around. I’ll doubt it will last but it is what it is.

Hundred (6)

The “villains” get introduced more as a third-party villain than a mainline one, but I’m sure their reasons for hunting Savages are for ill-intents. The idol actually had a legitimately compelling reason to doubt herself since she’s basically using her powers to have people like her and her music. So points for that, I guess, she’s a bit less shallow now. Hilariously enough, she’s the only one with a “developed” arc so I guess that puts her on the top compared to the rest of the girls.

Kabaneri (5)


Ikoma and Mumei are finally accepted on the grand ol’ train with Ikoma’s gun designs becoming the norm but the next obstacle presents itself with a large station suffering an aftermath of a kabane attack where resupply is pretty much impossible and their forward path is blocked by an obstruction. As Ikoma devises a plan to reactivate a crane to move the obstruction, Mumei is visited by an old acquaintance who tells her to not forget her place, giving her serious doubts and an attitude that is not well received by others. Ikoma’s plan is stopped when Mumei acts alone and heads to the kabane infested boiler room but shit hits the fan for real when a towering kabane wakes up in the distance.

Sakamoto (5)

Centrifugal Force

Hearing Yusa Kouji’s smooth voice talking like a gangster is one of the finer points of this week’s episode. Unlike others, this episode focused on a single arc instead of the usual two and this was one that I was looking forward to a lot. It wasn’t so much about Sakamoto improvising everything but the fight at the very end where Hayanusa duels him in push-sumo and its turns into a serious match with Hayabusa’s pride on the line as well as his intent on carrying out a fair win.

Asterisk (7)


The girl that all the discussion was hyping up finally arrives, Slyvia Lynyme, the idol girl. Other than showing her off, I can somewhat see why she would be liked since she isn’t as easily flustered as others and I sort of hope it remains that way. Other than that, jobber-lord Lester shows up again to clean up the weak enemies while Saya and Kirin continue on to rescue the green ear-worm. The final fight is something I’m not really that excited for but I’ll bet money right now that Julis becomes irrelevant during it.

Ace Attorney (7)

Further investigation on the illustrious producer ends up with her on the witness stand and with PhoenixHodo having little to work with. However, a change of heart from the guard granny clues him in on something key on the “murder” and this persistence has even EdgeSurugi joining on in trying to find out what really went down. Pretty nice to see them working together and all with Objection playing in the back too.

Hero Academia (7)


Deku engages in a cat and mouse chase with Bakugo as Uraraka heads on up to find the bomb guarded by Iida. Bakugo’s strength isn’t something Deku could feasibly handle without overexerting his power to accidentally obliterate him so Deku is forced to run and think of a plan. On Bakugo’s end, his aggravation stems from his immense superiority complex, talent, and the fact that he thinks Deku was hiding his quirk from him the entire time. The two “exchange” punches but not really after Deku smashes the ceiling of the floor he’s on to give Uraraka some working grounds to get herself to the fake bomb and they take the match. I swear, I wouldn’t like this series as much if it wasn’t for the damn OST.

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