Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 7: All these cameos

Even DP knew that a straight adaptation of this episode would be too boring. They keep showing off the lone radio tower and Yukako just shows up in the middle of the episode to foreshadow her arc to come next week. But first things first, I’ve just noticed all the transition effects during the part in the Opening where Josuke, Koichi, and Okuyasu pose with their Stands. Josuke has his sick diamond-colored effect, Okuyasu has a hand come up to the screen, and Koichi finally has Echoes show up in the opening so he looks less silly in his pose at the start and it also shows up again near the end. Kind of hilarious since we’ll see that changed really soon.

I almost forgot how much a dick Hazamada was and I still don’t know how to feel about him and Tamami being shortened already since Hazamada calls Koichi a shortie when he’s as short as him in the episode when he was supposed to be “taller”.

Tamami warns Josuke and Koichi about the 3rd year student, Hazamada Toshikazu, who got an argument with a friend about an idol and was found with his left eye gouged out. The incident didn’t have too much to go on and Josuke decides to investigate and Koichi follows with as Tamami leaves for home after stating that he found work with loan sharking. Josuke and Koichi find no sign of Hazamada in his classroom and they shortly break into his locker where Josuke finds a wooden puppet at the very back. The puppet responds to Josuke however and takes on his appearance.

Sharp Noses

The Josuke-clone starts to converse and gets angry at how Josuke and Koichi haven’t heard about a certain idol and then it reveals itself as Surface, Hazamada’s stand. Hazamada himself appears and showcases Surface’s ability to control bodily movement over the body it copies and it swings Josuke’s arm into Koichi and sends him crashing to the door. Josuke is “dispatched” after stabbing his face with a pen and feigns knock out, prompting Surface and Hazamada to leave to deal with Jotaro using Josuke’s guise. Koichi comes to after Crazy Diamond heals him and they set out to hunt Hazamada down. The duo quickly call Jotaro but a unresponsive line have them deduce that Surface-Josuke must have lured him out of his hotel room. Surface-Josuke and Hazamada encounter Tamami and he is swiftly knocked out and soon, Surface Josuke attracts a number of school girls and Hazamada gets angry at how his Stand is getting more attention that he is. On their way to Jotaro, Hazamada and Surface Josuke beat up some bikers.


Using Echoes however, Josuek and Koichi trick the other duo in taking the long way around the train tracks when in reality, there was no train. They get to Jotaro first and warn him of Hazamada but as they walk by, Josuke finds himself across Surface Josuke from a store window and his hand grabs into his pocket and pulls out a pen to stab Jotaro with. However, karma favors the just and Hazamada is pinned down when the bikers from before gang up on him and Josuke sees that the situation worked itself out and breaks Surface’s form.

Glad we got this out of the way fast and hot damn, an angry Josuek actually has a sharp nose which is a lot more appealing to see than what we currently have to be perfectly honest with you.

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