Spring Anime 2016 Week 6

Honestly, when you watch something for six weeks but always end up just skipping through it or just not finding the need to watch it, I’ve decided to drop Cerberus.

And hilariously enough, I had enough time to actually be ahead of schedule and actually got some slightly lengthier passages in so good on me for that. Dropping a single series has given me less on my mind because of how much of a drag Cerberus was to digest. Anyways, here’s this week’s recap as we somewhat enter the halfway point of Spring.

Hundred (5)

Dumb Claire

A swimsuit episode but not really since it’s just the Student Council mucking about while Claire makes it abundantly clear to us how much she wants the MCock. Emile finally dresses like a girl but that gets side-lined with the whole idoru plotline going on and surprise surprise, MC and his sister apparently met the Idoru before way back when and it was their appreciation towards her singing that made her who she is today. Not buying it but I guess they tried.

Kabaneri (4)

Happy Kabaneri

I don’t even care about much of an asshole these people are mourning for a Kabane woman that was pregnant, that dude that’s speaking fluent English is just getting all my attention. Anyway, control is given to the older guys and they opt to have a few people that sympathize with Ikoma and Mumei to be stuck in the rear car with them as they plan to detach it. But their genius decision from before have the Kabane rain down on them from ontop of a tunnel entrance and the Kabane get on board the train. From the front, Ayame and her bodyguards decide to do a sweep from the front and back while Mumei and Ikoma fight a mid-boss level Kabane, a Wazatori from the penultimate car. Mumei gets light-headed and Ikoma is forced to carry on alone and as the Wazatori wreaks havoc on the upper cars, Ayame gets on the top of the trains and offers her blood for Ikoma to help them. The wazatori is easily defeated and finally, a decent relationship is promised between the humans and Kabaneri.

Sakamoto (4)


Another gag-filled week with Sakamoto’s perfection level antics. This had one of favorite skits play out where Sakamoto purposefully gets thrown out of class to feed a dying bird. Definitely could have used more dazzling lights but oh well. The other portion where Sakamoto disappears and has the former troublemakers going around town also adds to his rather unnecessary but no less amazing feats. Really wish they had Bach playing with those toys.

Asterisk (6)

So after the dreadfully boring fight between the robots and Saya-Kirin, I was expecting this week’s fight to be a bit more entertaining. Judging from the opening, I thought I would be mostly satisfied but Asterisk seems to be hitting a wall recently with its extremely boring fights and scenarios. The two knights turned out to be complete pushovers and the galloping horse looked hilariously non-threatening in the one or two shots it just was trotting.

Ace Attorney (6)

Investigation in the studio continues after the trial is adjourned for further research. Inside the compound, we meet with the overly enthusiastic director as well as the domineering producer. Research purposes has PhoenixHodo watch through an entire boatload of Steel Samurai episodes through the night and a reenactment attempt has the case under wraps, to which we’ll finally get the conclusion of next time. Well, at least I’m getting used to how they look now.

Hero Academia (6)


So it turns out Aizawa was lying to everyone about the whole expulsion thing but Deku still remains at the bottom of the class results. Katsuki is angered at how Deku’s power might be stronger than he is and how he feels that Deku is insulting him but hiding his abilities for so long. The next day, All Might leads the class on battle testing and has a scenario set up for a 2 vs 2, villain vs hero fight and the first two pairs that are to fight are Deku/Ochako and Iida/Katsuki. Katsuki immediately gets into a fight with Deku inside the mock building and Deku is able to get a clean counter-throw after getting his mask blown off.

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