Spring Anime 2016 Week 4

Let’s do this

So apparently, the reason for Kabaneri’s Episode 2 being available last week was because of the Chinese Broadcast that aired it. So this week, we got our Sakamoto back but Kabaneri’s Episode 3 will be for next week. The rest however is going as it should, for better or for worse. One series is up for the boot in getting dropped but that’s mostly because the actual journey hasn’t started yet and I’m wondering if it’ll ever set out for what it wants to do or not.

But for now, it’s safe, and by that, I’m going to give it around 2-3 more weeks. But aside from that, let’s be quick about it.

Hundred (3)


The action begins where a Savage assaults the town and the 3 student council girls along with MC and Trap decide to tag along. It’s completely beyond me why they send only 5 people to fight against such a threat. Of course, Drilltits and Trap need to get rescued while MC gets his secret power up once again. But hey, two kisses though.

Seisen Cerberus (3)

The mysterious girl from before is promptly ignored as the team return back home to continue to prepare for their grand undertaking. Hiro however has the girl on his mind and later gets injured protecting her from a monster but turns out she can be a healer for the team. Hiro once again gets into trouble with the town’s guards and gets taken away before he is broken out. The series is entertaining and all but I really hope it gets something interesting going before I ultimately drop it, and it’s pretty close to it.

Kabaneri (3)

The effects from last week apply since we got the Chinese Broadcast.

Sakamoto (2)


Two “arcs” are once again done, first with dealing with bullies and getting a job for our resident fatty and then having the girls fight against one another before working as a team to “bring” Sakamoto back. The fatty definitely sounds like he’s an absolute loser and I don’t know, I feel as if the scenes could use a bit more of those action lines to make them pop out more. Thankfully, the gags get better from here on out so I’ve got nothing to fear.

Asterisk (4)

More Smug

The fight ends with the twins getting their shit kicked in after Ayato powers up while Julis took much of the damage. Nothing new or exciting with Ayato already being established as the strongest person in the tournament and he completely sweeps the floor with the twins. I also learned that one of the twins was a guy so I guess that’s kind of surprising. Saya and Kirin become relevant again but their fight is mostly just exposition and more stupid shit.

Ace Attorney (4)

Flashy Purple guy in pink suit is our main draw this week as Phoenix-Hodo once again faces off against Edge-Surugi, only this time, the former is defending himself from the crime that we all know didn’t happen. However, when PH gives his statement that the defendant couldn’t have possibly seen a certain area of the room unless he was the murderer, ES counters back and drives PH back into the corner. Spirit medium shenanigans however spurs Turnabout’s theme to start up and lay down some justice.

Hero Academia (4)


Deku saves the day but gets his limbs broken and accrues no points in the mock examination. But of course, it’s all about what’s inside and his heroic acts to save another student in spite of his lack of time and points gained him admittance. Somewhat of the same thing we all knew that was going to happen as soon as we saw Deku inexplicably running to save the girl but I guess some tension was needed.

2 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2016 Week 4”

  1. Nap buddies… cool.

    I feel like they performed the arcs in Sakamoto well. Especially the concealment of Sakamoto’s name… that was great

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