Spring Anime 2016 Week 3

Fully onboard the seasonal train.

Everything so far has been entertaining on their own right, well except Hundred because that’s just an obligation to watch for me to continuously rag on about battle harem series. Everything else however was pretty nice. The biggest note however goes to the earthquake that occurred in Japan last week which led to a number of series being delayed, which unfortunately included Sakomoto.

But oh well, it’ll continue the following week so let’s not waste any time and get to this week’s stuff.

Hundred (2)

The fight itself thank goodness didn’t have too much CG but screw pretty much everything else about it. The second it begins, the MC has his hands on Ojou Drilltits’ magnificent balloons. The fight actually begins and the MC is pushed to the limit until he somehow activates some buff that forces Drilltits to don her own fullbody armor and win, but at heart, the MC won since he pushed her to do so when she vowed to not put her full armor on. So the duel dynamic at least reflects that Drilltits isn’t a sore loser so that’s nice. The other half of the episode was just more homo-innuendo jokes, which is only tiring because it’s so painfully obvious that Emile is not a guy.

Seisen Cerberus (2)

Things slowly start to set themselves into motion with our quintessential evil god dragon having some obvious connection with Hiiro and how his family was the one that supposedly seal it away. Most of the episode is our 3-man crew trying to find some food and work off some payments while we get a glimpse of that cat loli and a new mystery girl who comes out of a desert monster at the end.

Kabaneri (2)

It Worked

Ikoma survives the self-procedures and is ecstatic to share with his best friend that their thoughts on the infection were correct. The kabane however move in toward the city and the civilians are led to the titular Koutetsujou to evacuate. Ikoma and his friend make their way to the train while the royal family are escorted and the girl from before, Mumei, turns out to be a complete badass in killing Kabanes. When Ikoma and his friend arrive to board the train, the officers are unwilling to let him in and figure out that he’s bitten. Evicted out of the train, Ikoma fights his way to actually assist the train get past a raised bridge to at least feel some superiority over his abandonment but he is saved by his friend and Mumei herself when she reveals that she’s the same as him, a mix of human and kabane.

Sakamoto Desu Ga (2)

Unfortunately delayed due to the earthquake coverage, damn shame on both ends.

Asterisk (3)


Ayato gets a shred of personality and we finally get something with his sister, remember her and how she was supposed to be relevant? This episode focuses on Ayato’s past and Saya, after an entire season, finally has some background covered. But even then, it’s just about the portions with Ayato instead of any character growth on herself. At least the evil Chinese twins looked nice.

Ace Attorney (3)

Either the visuals actually improved a bit or my eyes eased into the series a bit more. Naruhodo/Phoenix/Yuki Kaiji nails his first case against his rival Mitsurugu/Edgeworth in defending Maya’s innoence but the case still continues on the true reasons behind the murder and NPY gets himself in jail by the end of the debacle which will not doubt be solved later. I loved hearing Objection play in during the trial

Hero Academia (3)

Path Forward

All Might gives Deku the training of a lifetime where he plans out the cleaning of an entire coastline in the span of 10 month for Deku to toughen up his body in order to inherit his power. I’m always a sucker for these types of montages and most of this episode was done in a very traditional style which I admittedly don’t dislike. I’m mostly critical toward cliches but the whole “hero” thing always tugs in my insides. Stuff like this reminds me of the older shounen series, more specifically it reminds me a lot of Yugioh GX and the Hero craze back when it started.

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