Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4- Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 3: The Nijimura Brothers

Move aside Kuwabara, the yankee highschool best friend character is finally animated.

I’m actually surprised at how much “plot” they’re trying to get across before we fully dive into the slice of life aspect of the series. I was hoping to see more Keicho and Bad Company but I guess that’ll get its fully episode next week. News also reach me that the series will have 13 Bluray volumes with 3 episodes each, meaning 39 episodes. I don’t think the entire series will be able to fit in that frame, not unless another “season” is added to it but at the rate of which we’re going, I guess I can sort of see it.

Anyway, let’s just enjoy Okuyasu

Picking up exactly from where we left off, Angelo demands that Josuke release him from his stone prison (now isn’t that just a coincidence) and warns him that the “guy in the school uniform” would get the two of them. Jotaro interrogates and Angelo shares his story from around a year ago. He was inside his cell, unable to sleep and suddenly found himself visited by a man in a school uniform carrying an antique bow and arrow. Angelo is promptly shot through the mouth from the arrow and while the damage seemed serious, he finds himself conscious again. The mysterious man congratulates his survival, as the arrow has now unlocked Angelo’s latent stand abilities. With the conviction and madness of a murderer making for a fortified mind, the mysterious man describes at how weaker-willed individuals would have died.

Nijimura Keicho

By the end of the story, the mysterious man mentions the name DIO and we return to the present where Jotaro is understandably disturbed about DIO’s involvement with the Stand creating Bow and Arrow. Jotaro’s continued investigation has it confirm that Enya came into possession of the Arrow and was responsible for DIO awakening his Stand, and thus, awakening the rest of the Joestar line.

Koichi busies himself with similar research and finds an alarming number of disappearances around town. Josuke and Koichi walk home but the latter catches sight of someone looking down at him from a rundown house. Koichi investigates the house’s gate but is promptly caught in between by the house’s occupant. Josuke demands him to let go and the other occupant from the window identifies Josuke to his younger brother, Okuyasu. The older sibling shoots Koichi with the arrow straight to the neck and Koichi teeters on life and death and Josuke’s attempts to heal him are met with Okuyasu’s resistance. However, the latter’s idiocy in getting distracted in a conversation with his brother lets Josuke land a swift punch to remove him. Okuyasu gets back up and his lunge toward Josuke has the latter on the defensive with Okuyasu’s The Hand having a superior right-arm strength. The bout has The Hand’s right hand cut through the No Trespassing Sign which clues Josuke in about his ability.


The Hand swipes the air in front of it and Josuke takes a few punches from Okuyasu before Josuke dodges the flowerpots that were pulled in toward him and Okuyasu is knocked out. Josuke moves in to completely knock Okuyasu out until he sees Koichi’s body being dragged into the house and he confronts Okuyasu’s brother inside.

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